KA219 - Knowledge Influencers

This project supports the idea that school subjects can be attractive to students if we use the appropriate means to do so. By making use of social networks and new technologies, students will disseminate knowledge and will be aware of the advantages and dangers of these media. Communication skills will strengthen the ability to work the understanding and comprehension of the different cultures and will be a good place to work on European feeling. The exchange of teaching experiences will stimulate innovation in teaching methodologies, an important part of the role of teachers.

We have a team with schools from Greece, Poland and Spain. We need another partner to complete the project.
We value that you do not have previous experience in this type of projects.
The task of the new partner are:
Realizing the logo contest Suggesting and recording different motivation methodological strategies and giving some examples. Responsible for the guidelines for teachers to work with software.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Slovakia; Slovenia; Sweden
Field-specific priorities for school education
Developing high quality early childhood education and care systems; Tackling early school leaving and disadvantage
01.09.2019 » 31.08.2021
Fundación Escolapias Montal Colegio Calasanz
School/Training center
Alcalá de Henares, Spain

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Posted by İrfan Yıldız

hello ; I am Necip from Turkey. I am an english teacher at a high school in Akhisar near İzmir.(3rd biggest city in Turkey) It is very close to Ephesus and Mary' s House etc... We are very interested in Erasmus+ project and we are experienced enough. We have carried out 2 Erasmus projects before. We are an enthuastic and hardworking team. We very much like to work together with you .Thank you.(We worked together with 8 different countries -Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Germany, Spain etc.. at previous project) PIC NUMBER: 929474371

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Posted by Maria Martino

Hello from Italy! We are interested in joining you!!! We are a Secondary school located in Campobasso (Italy), called IIS PERTINI-MONTINI-CUOCO. We teach various subjects: electronics, electrotechnics, mechanics, biotechnology, foreign languages, etc, as our institute consists of four schools. Our students are 14-19 years old. We have experience in Erasmus+ Projects and one of our students has won a competition for the creation of a project logo in the framework of the Erasmus programme. We have skilled teachers in every field and we can be of valid support in ICT. Please contact me:) stemar_it@yahoo.it Maria Martino

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Posted by Fatih ÖZBAKAN

Dear Friends, We are a secondary school. We found your project description on the internet and we are interested in it very much. Is it possible for you to accept a Turkish school in the project? (very near to Istanbul) We are a reliable and hardworking partner school. We can promise you to send all necessary documents for the project in time. We all are looking forward to working in this nice project with you, Best Wishes from Turkiye, Our school PIC no is 941330681 School website : fevziyetezcaneml.meb.k12.tr/ Email: fatihozbakan2@gmail.com I LOVE SPAIN :)

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Posted by amelia cerrato

Ciao sono un insegnante di una scuola situata in Campania, a pochi chilometri da Pompei, Napoli e Amalfi. La nostra scuola ha una buona esperienza nell'uso dei tic a scuola e nell'applicazione di STEM. Ci piacerebbe partecipare al tuo progetto, ottenere maggiori informazioni. Cordiali saluti Amelia ameliacerrato75@gmail.com

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Posted by Rosaria Carnevale

dear All, We are currently looking for schools that can be interested in joining the partnership for the presentation of some ERASMUS+ KA2 projects oriented to the exchange of good practices. We have been working for years with many Italian Schools to present Erasmus project proposals for the exchange of good practices in the school environment. we are looking for schools in the following European countries: United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany,Portugal, Malta and Ireland. please contact me. EuroGlocal Srl - website : http://www.glocalsrl.com// Email: r.carnevale@glocalsrl.com

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Posted by Marinella Pitino

Hi I'm a teacher of primary school in Sicily, Italy. In my school there are about 900 students who attend kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. We are interested in ICT, new teaching methods, inclusion and languages. We have already participated in an Erasmus project and are available to make new experiences. My email: marinellapitino@yahoo.it

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Posted by merada ayan

Our school is in Sakarya /Turkey.It is in the centre of the city. There are around 330 learners and 70 staff in the school. School is newand it is well equipped in new technologies. It has a swimming pool, a crossaction kids hall, a 3d cinema hall, a conference hall and atimber class with 3d printer which students make small -simple objects by using wood.Not only the founders but also our principle encourage us to attend projects.We are lucky that our school basement is available to apply projects area. Science teachers ,art teachersand english teachers will be the key people in charge of running the project in the school.Altough school is new teachers who take rolein this projects are experienced in writing and applying national and international projects. We would be happy to cooperate with you... please inform us... MERADA AYAN head of eng.dep. meradaayan@gmail.com

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Posted by Francesco Masi

Good morning, our scientific high school is located in Avellino (Campania Region, South of Italy). We are very interested in your partnership proposal, and we are a coooperative partner, ready to actively contribute in the proposal writing too. We have experience in KA229 projects and our staff members and students are very engaged and motivated. Please, feel free to contact me at: progetti2019@virgilio.it so I can share with you more information. Thank you!

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Posted by Ralucel Ra

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Raluca Iuliana Suciu and I represent The Technical College ”Mihai Bacescu”, Falticeni, Suceava, North of Romania. We are interested in your project that has an extremely intersting topic. I am a teacher of English. If interested , I could send you the PIF of our school. My email address is ralucel1978@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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Posted by İlknur Erbaş

Hi, We are a private secondary school in Istanbul, Turkey.Our students are between the ages of 14 and 18. In our school, there are students from different ethnic groups. So our school has a wealthy cultural interaction.We are interested in developing our thoughts and using different methods and techniques. We attend short film contests, scientific projects and art and design competitions. Related to our subjects, for developing our student's public speech, every month our students prepare and present their own ted talks. Last year,we applied an Erasmus project as a coordinator. We saw your project and want to participate in it. ıf you want to accept us , please contact via this e mail: emine_acikel@mynet.com or firstnur18@hotmail.com

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Hello, my name is Urška and I would like to work on this project. Are you still looking for partners for your project? I come from Slovenia and teach English and French at our school, to students aged 12-15. But I'm very fluent in IT and robotics. I would be happy to participate in the project (urska.farcnik@gmail.com). Best regards, Urška Farčnik

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Posted by Ioanna Zaxou

Hello!! We are a primary school in the North of Greece. My name is Ioanna and I am the headmistress of the school. We are interested in working with you and we are ready to work hard! My email address is: ioannazach@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello, We are a team of teachers of a middle school located in Messina, Sicily. Our students are between 13-14 years old, most of them strongly motivated to join projects and some with extraordinary ICT skills. Joining an Erasmus + project would be a good opportunity for students to improve their language competences and to learn about different countries and for teachers to acquire and compare different teaching methods. Could you please send us more information about this project: the start date, the mobility (physical or virtual), the planned activities for the students. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. If you want to contact us, you can write to this email address: nturiano@hotmail.it

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Fundación Escolapias Montal Colegio Calasanz
Fundación Escolapias Montal Colegio Calasanz


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