Jobshadowing, short time teaching assingment or Long Term Teaching Assignment in the World Heritage City of UBEDA

Published: 29.12.2017

LOS CERROS is a school with secondary, high, adult and VET education in the amazing World Heritage city of Úbeda. In fact, we are the biggest school in the province of Jaén with around 1600 students and more than 100 teachers.
We are a public body and we are offering possible opportunities for Jobshadowing, short time teaching assignments or Long Term Teaching Assignments for European teachers in the bilingual (English) subjects of Maths, Technology-ICT, Physical Education, Social Sciences at secondary level and also school management for AE, HE, SE and VET. Besides, there is also the possibility of having opportunities for vocational courses in VET and High Education on Tourism, Computering-ICT and Electronics.
Our school is dynamic and passionate in every way, furthermore we are always applying for new challenges, we are an eco-school and a very updated technologic institution. Apart of that, we have the idea that internationalization is a need for us thus, we are open to host teachers from any European country to contribute to their training improving probably one of the greatest projects: Europe.
In our centre we speak also Italian, German and French.
We can provide you STTA or LTTA opportunities in the subjects of:

Secondary Education:

* Social Sciences in English
* Maths in English
* Technology in English
* Physical Education in English
* Natural Sciences in English (probably).
* English

VET and High Education:
* Computering (VET & High Education)
* Tourism for hotel management (High Education)
* Tourism for special needs students (specific VET)
* Electricity/electronics (VET)
* Sports (VET)

And of course you can also do Jobshadowing with regards to:

* Project based learning
* CLIL methodology
* Special Needs
* Managing
* Ecoschool, ICT tools, coding, 3D printing, Library functioning,...

A mobility opportunity offer

Opportunity type
Job shadowing
Host type
Country (languages)
Spain (DE; EN; ES; IT)
19.12.2016 » 03.02.2020

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Posted by maria carrassi

Dear colleague I'm Maria (italy) I teach Math and Physic in a Secondary School. My school is interested to be partner School for Erasmus KA1. We are looking for a job shadowing experience to improve our methods and ind introduce innovations in teaching. We have done a lot of courses in ICT in our school, too and we have also learnt different tools and methodologies.We also use Clil methodology. We have a National CLIL Project with a net af local school. We could also share CLIL project (in English) to teach Math , Biology, and so on... that aim at improving standards and the quality of teaching and learning. We are higly interested in cooperation with your institute. I'm waiting for your news on my email.( Best regards. Maria

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Posted by Aušra Skeivytė

Dear Mr. Aviles, Would you be interested in partnership with us? We have already participated in Comenius and Erasmus+ KA2 projects and now we are looking for partners for Erasmus+ KA1 job shadowing and teaching exchanges. We are from the country which is situated in the center of Europe. During the 14th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe but now it is one of the smallest ones with the population of only 3 million. The capital and largest city is Vilnius, followed by Kaunas and Klaipėda. We are from Klaipeda - the third largest city of the country and the city-port located on the coast of the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon. We are from “Varpas” Gymnasium - the school which was established in 1989 as Klaipėda 27 secondary school. In 1993 it was called “Varpas” secondary school and in 2008 it became “Varpas” gymnasium. Now there are about 550 15-18 year-old pupils and 50 teachers. 4 years of gymnasium correspond to the 9th to 12th forms of secondary school. The gymnasium provides an atmosphere of cooperation between students, parents and teachers and aims at the total development of the students: not only academic but also psychological, physical, social and spiritual. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Ausra Skeivyte

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Posted by Ioannis Syrris

Dear David, it seems you are a well organized school with great teaching innovations in many scientific domains. It's great that you give us the chance to visit your school so that we will better understand the way you work. Let's hope we will have the chance to visit you. Kind Regards Ioannis

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Posted by Letizia Divino

A very serious Organization with professional and friendly people. The contact person is extraordinary kind and punctual.

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Posted by Sofia Angelidou

They answered to my message immediately and was very professional.

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Posted by Maurizia Canova

Hello, we are a High School, 14-19 year old students, located in Biella (north of Italy). We are preparing an Erasmus+ KA1 for the mobility of our teachers (call 2018). We would like to take part to a job shadowing experience in European schools in IT, methods and innovation in teaching, inclusivity. We are interested in your project, could you send us more details? Best regards Email:;

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Posted by Valentina Corsini

I'm arranging a job shadowing activity for my high school at the moment with a KA1 Erasmus Plus project. The coordinator of this high school is very reliable, quick to answer and really collaborative! We hope to get the necessary founding to make our project concrete and, nevertheless, I wish this were the start for a very long and fruitful cooperation with this bilingual internationalised centre. One step a time, for the moment, thank you for your help!

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Posted by Alma Moretta

Dear collegues I am Alma from the south of Italy, not far from Naples. My school is a big high school with more than 1300 students and 160 teachers. We offer very wide and varying training plans: lyceum, technical (economy, tourism, construction, chemistry, electrics, mechanics), VET and adult education. We are in the process of improving our European perspectives and cooperations; we are presenting a KA1 project for staff mobility and we would be interested in participating to some job shadowing activities regarding CLIL lessons in English and innovative teaching methodologies, ad we are trying to gain experience in these areas. Our project, if financed, will go from September 2018 to August 2020. If you are intetested in cooperating with us, please contact me ASAP at Thanks and regards, Alma

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I had an incredible experience of job shadowing in this school. People are really kind, extraordinary and very professional. The school is big, with a lot of courses and opportunities. The teachers of the school received me in the best possible way: I had the opportunity to know their way of teaching and the use of technology in education. I also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful surroundings of Ubeda. I really recommend mobility experience and contact with this school. Best regards! Maria Locatelli (special needs teacher from Liceo "Carlo Porta", Erba, Italy)

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Posted by Erica Tomasini

Dear Mr. Aviles, Thank you for your prompt reply. We will keep in touch. Kind regards, Erica Tomasini

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Posted by Josip Klicinovic

Very professional! They responded to my email within several hours. I hope we will be able to cooperate in near future in teaching assignment mobility! :)

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Very professional! I was particularly pleased with our cooperation. A very serious Organization with professional and friendly people.

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I'm happy with the cooperation. very serious institution in the implementation of the program.

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Posted by Baerbel Thein

In November 2017 Los Cerros organized together with Junta de Andalusia the 3rd transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ project MyVETmo-pathways to hidden competencies. Represent ants from eight European institutions from Germany, Finland, France, Spain and Turkey, among these from district governments, vocational colleges and the foundation for education and crafts, discussed innovative instruments for disabled and disadvantaged young people to cope with tasks and challenges within a vocational internship abroad. Los Cerros fosters the individual and professional development of this target group through European mobility. We had the opportunity to study the Los Cerros way of supporting this disadvantaged students. Thank you for the warm welcome, organization and professional input leading to a fruitful outcome.

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Posted by Tatiana Chiout

David is a very competent teacher from Spain, he gives us all the necessary information about his school, our visit and the region. We are looking forward to learning him, his colleagues and his students personally.

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Posted by Dorith Hames

David is a highly motivated teacher, interested in all kind of European topics and very helpful while organizing our job shadowing at his school in Ubeda. Not only is he providing all informatin, but also helping with accommodation and transportation. Thank you very much for your kindness. Looking forward to meeting you in October. Best wishes, Dorith

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Posted by Maillard Siegfried

A great school with great teachers in a great place. I can definitely certify that this educational organisation is amazing: a lot of creative projects and opportunities + a strong team of nice, hard working and efficient teachers! As already partners since 2016, we have always been fully satisfied of our cooperation with LOS CERROS.

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Posted by Csaba Módos

David has been very helpful and accepted our request for building partnership between our schools and provided all the necessary information for our project. The school appears to be a very successful educational institute, so we are looking forward to our job shadowing visit in 2019.

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Posted by Beáta Hegedüs

Hi, ich bin Beata Hegedüs aus Kaposvár, Süd-Ungarn, ich unterrichte Deutsch und Geschichte in eimen Gymnasium. Ich interessiere mich für Job shadowing au deutscher Sprache im Bereich neuer Methoden, (CLIL, Projektunterricht). Wenn es in Ihrer Schule wervirklicht werden kann, bitte schreiben Sie mir. Danke im Voraus: Beata

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Posted by Maria Boukouvala

They are a very organised team. The replied immitiadely in my email when i contacted them , and they helped me with everything i asked them for!I am going to do there my placement and i am really happy because they seem to be very good partners.

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Posted by regine VELDEMAN

De reactiesnelheid van David Aviles is fantastisch en zijn mails zijn behalve supersonisch ook positief, professioneel en hartelijk! David has been very helpful with his fast, positif and professional answers. He accepted our request for building partnership between our schools and provided all the necessary information for our project.

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We are the Collège Combe de Savoie, a secondary school in Albertville, in Savoy in the South East of France. Currently, we have about 600 students, 11 to 15 years old, enrolled at our school. Albertville is situated in the French Alps, and offers a lot of possibilities to practice all kind of moutaineering activities. We would be very willing to set up an exchange between teachers with your secondary school. Our school has an English immersion class program (CLIL) so we teach some parts of our curriculum from a native English speakers point of view. The subjects we teach in English are History, Geography, Science, Maths, Music, Technology and PE. Therefore, we’d be interested in observing how you are teaching several subjects in english. We’d be delighted to host your teachers if they wished to come and observe our school. Please contact me by email:

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Posted by Gymnazium Dasicka

Hello, I am a teacher at the secondary grammar school in the Czech Republic and we are looking for a school which could be hosting some of our teachers for a job shadowing activity in the future if our application form is successful. We could also host some teachers from your school. In case you are still interested in cooperation with our school, please contact me on and we can discuss the details. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Katerina

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