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Published: 13.12.2016

We are a bilingual secondary school in English and Spanish. Some subjects are taught in English during the compulsory secondary education: Maths, Music, PE, Natural Science and Biology, History and Technology. We offer the opportunity for some job shadowing activities to those interested in an Erasmus + KA1 project.

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01.12.2016 » 30.06.2020

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Posted by manuela seminatore

Hello, I.m an History teacher and I'm very interested in an Erasmus propject. I'd like to have further information about the opportunity for some job shadowing activities. I'm looking forward to having from you soon. Manuela Seminatore

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Hi! My name is Loredana and i teach in a school in Romania, which intends to apply for a KA1 Erasmus+ project. We are interested in sending 3-4 teachers to your school, by the end of 2019, beginning of 2020 for them to see some innovative methods of teaching and classroom management. If you are interested in hosting us, please contact me at the e-mail address Thank you very much and I am looking forward to recieving an answer from you soon!

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Hola! Escribo por cuenta de un instituto superior (Liceo) que se encuentra cerca de Bari, en el sur de Italia. Tenemos diferentes vías de estudio: Humanidades, Idiomas extranjeros, Ciencias naturales y Ciencias sociales. Nuestros alumnos tienen una edad entre 16 y 19 años. Estamos buscando un instituto partner para un proyecto de observación en puesto de trabajo (job shadowing - erasmus+ KA1 que se caduca el próximo primer de febrero), que esté dispuesto a acoger a nuestros profesores, que quieren mejorar sus competencias. Nuestros profesores desean observar métodos de enseñanza, gestión de la clase y buenas prácticas de enseñanza realizadas en el sistema escolar en el extranjero. Si estáis interesados en alojarnos, por favor me contacte en la siguiente dirección de correo electrónico: Muchas gracias. Giuseppe Piscitelli

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Posted by Gymnazium Dasicka

Hello, I am a teacher at the secondary grammar school in the Czech Republic and we are looking for a school which could be hosting some of our teachers for a job shadowing activity. We could also host some teachers from your school. In case you are interested in cooperation with our school, please contact me on and we can discuss details. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Katerina

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Hello, My name is Justyna. I'm an English teacher in Polish Primary (students age 6-15). We're looking for some new ideas for projects as we can see that our students need some new language, cultural and social aims. My school is in the capitol of Poland - Warsaw- a beautiful city with rich cultural and historical heritage. We are a very good school with high educational standards. However, we also encouradge our student to participate in many extracurricular courses for example conected with music, theatre and sport. Here are some results of our work: We also have a very talented parents: Short video presentations of our school: We participated in two Comenius projects and now we'd love to join some project which'll encourage our students to learning foreign languages. In our school we have classes with sport profile - they have many 10 of PE weekly and they often participate in sport competitions. The number of students with specific educational needs is continuously increasing and we are searching for some schools that has a good experience and also original ideas for inclusive teaching and improving school environment. If you're interested in our participation please contact me for more information. Best regards, Justyna Kowalczyk-Marek

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Posted by CEIP Costa Teguise

Good afternoon, We are interesting in mobility for the KA1 project. We would like to be able to visit your school and be able to observe new working methods. Maybe, it is interesting to work together. - The main objective of our project is: to know new methodologies to favor the learning of our students. We attach great importance to the game and the use of spaces outside the classroom. - In our center we have several projects: farm, radio, television, garden, aventure playground , library, learning with robot, running "local race that the school organise in our city", our school organise an education congress for learning and changing different methods and experiences...). - You can find information about our center in the following website: - We would be at least, 4 supporters to participate in this mobility. - In our school, we have students aged between 3-12 years. (Infant and Primary Education). You could go through the different classrooms. Do they have any priority? I hope we can work together. Thank you for your attention. PS: Please, algo we would like know more about your project, your school, if it is possible to observe in your classrooms, the age of the students, where is located your school...

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