ka 210 sch,Baba'Can Destek Projesi 4-11 years primary school inclusive Erasmus, We are looking for partners for our project where school-family cooperation is at the forefront.

Published: 23.07.2022

Dear Erasmus teachers,
Hi, I’m live in Turkey. I work at Bodrum Yukarımazı Primary School. We are looking for partners to work on a Ka210 project ready to apply on October 3rd.
Our project includes the fathers of the students in their education; It aims to make students active as parents, to strengthen the school-parent union and for students to spend quality time with their fathers.
Each student's father will go to school on the dates specified.
The father's profession aims to spend a productive time with the students, either in-class or out-of-class, taking into account certain days and weeks that he or she has determined together with the class teacher and the students.
As a result of the activities; Strengthening the school-family cooperation, eliminating the lack of communication between the students and their fathers, meeting the psychological and emotional needs of the students are the most important outputs of the project.
This project is also an eTwinning project, so we hope to continue sharing our project with potential partners. Please contact me for more information.

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Posted by TUDOR Gabriel

Hello Barbara. We are a nice private kindergarten with 70 childrens 2- 6 years. I am a kindergarten teacher in Bacau, Romania . I am studying STEM. And I want to implement it. We can have great cooperation in your project. I am a hardworking teacher.I got a certificate by participating in the STEM workshop. Stem is my area of ​​interest. We can have a good colaboration. Best regards, Gabriel pinochiokindergarten@yahoo.com

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Posted by Letizia Di Martino

Hi, I'm a technology teacher in a lower secondary school in San Nicola La Strada in the province of Caserta (Italy). Our school works hard on Erasmus projects. In my school there is a digital section, where pupils carry out coding and robotics activities at a curricular level. Furthermore, the didactic activity has a strong collaborative and laboratory connotation, for example through flipped classroom and peer to peer teaching. A section dedicated to studying through new technologies: instead of paper textbooks, children use tablets, without a backpack, without the cost of books. We currently have three active projects, one of which ends happily on September 30th, after having completed the last mobility in Greece in May. I am an Erasmus contact person in my school, where a research and study commission for Erasmus projects has been set up. We would like to start a new Steam themed project. My email address is: letiziarch@gmail.com. Attached are the links of the school and the twinspaces of the projects still in progress. https://iccapolddsannicolalastrada.edu.it/erasmus/ https://twinspace.etwinning.net/myspaces Best Regards Letizia Di Martino

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Yukarımazı İlkokulu
Yukarımazı İlkokulu


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