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Published: 20.06.2022

Our middle school organizes a mobility, next year, near Nantes in France. We are looking for a partnership with a european one. Our 25 students are 14, 15, in "classe de 3e". The project will be conducted by me, a history teacher, and an PE (physical and education) teacher. Our project is about history, sport and european citizenship. Our pupils will be able to speak on the etwinning platform. Don't hesitate to contact us, I can speak and write in english, italian and of course in french.

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Posted by Nihan Çınar

Hi; I'm Nihan. Our school is in Bodrum, Muğla/TURKEY. We have 3 Erasmus projects. Climate change, minecraft education and sustainable development is about renewal. We are more and more good about projects .We are the science and art school. We carry all the features you are looking for. Our students age 9-17. The students who learn faster than their equals,have high capacity in creativity art and leadership, can understand the abstract ideas, like acting independently on their interests,overperform and have special academic success study at our educational institution after their schools.There are 12 teachers and 108 students in our school. Gifted children who range in age from nine to sixteen study at our school.The students are accepted into our center after three-phased evaluation which takes approximately six months.The teachers who work at our school are selected among professionalists by a special evaluation. There are visual arts,technology design,music,mind games,wood painting and information technologies workshops in our school. I'd appreciate it if you'd prefer us. I would be very happy if you give detailed information about your project. We are waiting for your reply.😊❤️ Our school ID number:E10245527 Best Regards; Nihan ÇINAR

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Hi! My name's Foteini, I teach Biology at a secondary school (14-18 years old) in west Greece, in Pelopennese, near Ancient Olympia. Our school has participated in a variety of programs (etwinning, GEMIN, CHOICE, program of Greek Parliament) on various aspects like science, new technologies, culture - ancient drama, theatre-, environment, climate change, human rights, immigration, bulling. We have participated in a KA2 Erasmus+ project that is finished in July and we would really like to give another opportunity to our students. Contact info:

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Hi, my name is Cristina. We are a primary and secondary school located in Begues (25km) from Barcelona. Our students are 12-16 years old and the ones that we were planning to take with us would be 14-15 years old. We need a school that can host our students for 5 days What we (Sant Lluis) could do is to prepare all the activities and travel and if you can/want can travel back here. We were thinking of around 20-25 students so we would need 20-25 host families. We have been working with Comenius-Erasmus for 13 years now and this is our 5th European project, so we could arrange all the details. Tell us if your school would be interested so we could arrange a videocall. You can also email me:

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Posted by Chiara Berchielli

Dear colleagues, I'm a teacher from San Giovanni Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy. We would like to be partners in an Erasmus Project involving students aged 11-14 We are a willing staff, open to different opportunities. Please contact me if you are interested in our partnership. Chiara Berchielli Teacher in Istituto Comprensivo "Masaccio" San Giovanni Valdarno Our school: Our town:

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Hi! We are a school located in Braga (AE Real), Portugal. We would like to be one of your partners. We would like know more about the project. Our students are between 12 and 14 years old. We will be pleased if we could work with your students on etwinning. We are ready to receive you in our city, in our school. Please contact me if you are interested in our partnership.

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Dear Sirs My name is Pedro Nunes and I'm a teacher at Soeiro Pereira Gomes, a school of ASSJM's School Cluster, at Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal. We are very focused on teaching's innovation and on the development of both student's and teacher's digital competences. We are a certified eTwinning School, we have recently received Erasmus Accreditation (until 2027), we have been involved in multiple K1 staff training cycles and we have been developing two simultaneous Erasmus+ K2 projects, which are now approaching their natural end. Coming across your post at SEGateway we would have some questions for you about it's concepts: - what would be the central topics to be explored by the Project; - what would be the partner's roles in conceiving /implementing the Project; - who would have the responsibility of submitting the Project to a National Agency (/be the Project's manager)? - what would be (in general traces) the schedule of activities; We would appreciate if you could clarify these topics. Thank you. --

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Posted by Nilay Salğın

hi from Troy Çanakkale Turkıye ıf u love travelling:) you should see Troy Horse whıch was in Brad Pitts film if you want to explore city of Troy lets be partner:) If you want to learn about Helen of Troy lets come together:) we are waiting for your answer see u soon ı hope if you want our pif ı can send your mail

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