Published: 09.06.2022

We are looking for a highschool eager to participate in a collaborative project which aims to make students aware of the culture, history of the countries involved through activities dealing with local dance and games. My highschool is set in Huelva (Spain) and we have already a partner from Greece.
The Physical Education department, the History and English ones will work cooperatively to make the project.
We are looking for engaged, responsible, hardworking partners to be part of a K210 SCH Eramus projects. Thanks in advance for your time and interest.

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Posted by Belgin Ertürk

Hi from Turkey, I am an English teacher at a secondary school aged 12-15 last year I implemented kA229 project about intercultural values in Education which was an inclusion and I would like to start new one .This educational year I am working another school which started giving education this year and available for a new great experience..Participating in erasmus project is an opportunity both for teachers and for students to work in a collaborative way with people from another country within the Union and also I would really like to constitute an institution culture to make my students more aware of the European values.If you see me as partner I will be appreciated to you on behalf of my students.Our target is both teaching the students learning to learn and make our students have 21st century skills.My mail is:blgnertrk@gmail.com Best regards Belgin ERTÜRK

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Posted by Isabel Ferraz

Dear friends, I work in Escola Secundária Flávio F. P. Resende. Our secondary school is comprised of around 500 students aged 14 to 20, 80 teachers, 40 staff members and 2 psychologists and a social worker. The school offers a wide variety of academic paths which range from courses in Science and Technology and Humanities and Languages to VET professional and educational and training courses. Here we have classes which specialize in such wide areas as mechanics and electricity; environmental tourism; health care professionals; sports; percussion and wind musicians; electronics, automation and computer technicians. The village of Cinfães, Portugal, is situated in a rural area, not far from the south bank of the river Douro, internationally known for its Port wine. We feel taking part in a project such as this one works to our students’ advantage. thanks, take care, Isabel Ferraz isabelcinferraz@hotmail.com

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Posted by Nihan Çınar

Hi; I'm Nihan. Our school is in Bodrum, Muğla/TURKEY. We have 3 Erasmus projects. Climate change, minecraft education and sustainable development is about renewal. We are more and more good about projects .We are the science and art school. We carry all the features you are looking for. Our students age 9-17. The students who learn faster than their equals,have high capacity in creativity art and leadership, can understand the abstract ideas, like acting independently on their interests,overperform and have special academic success study at our educational institution after their schools.There are 12 teachers and 108 students in our school. Gifted children who range in age from nine to sixteen study at our school.The students are accepted into our center after three-phased evaluation which takes approximately six months.The teachers who work at our school are selected among professionalists by a special evaluation. There are visual arts,technology design,music,mind games,wood painting and information technologies workshops in our school. I'd appreciate it if you'd prefer us. I would be very happy if you give detailed information about your project. We are waiting for your reply.😊❤️ Our school ID number:E10245527 Best Regards; Nihan ÇINAR nihansuel@gmail.com

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Posted by Elena Alina Utu

Hi, dear friends. I am Alina, a phisical education teacher in a public school in Magureni, Romania. I have been doing Etwinning projects for 2 years. I am really wanting to be in an exchange project, i mean I and my students really want to make an Erasmus plus project and see and learn from different cultures. I believe that this is really important in a person's life. Our students are involved in many extracurricular activities. They participate every year in local and national competitions, with very good results. Our school is actively interested in positive communication and how to provide the best educational environment for all our students. Among the activities we have carried out in the past there are: the contests "Little friends of history", "Ode to the Romanian language", staging plays, organizing workshops for teachers or experts, such as psychologists or psychotherapists, “Traditions and customs” festivals, “Prahovița Cup” sports competitions, but also the development of artistic activities aimed to preserving traditions through folk dance. Our students have scholarships and social grants. They can choose to attend various courses: English, photography, robotics, acting, handball, history club, reading club, dance classes - majors. Măgureni Secondary School aims to create a stimulating work climate, encouraging personal initiative and offering equal training opportunities to all students to become active citizens, able to successfully integrate into community life and the labor market. My e-mail - alinazecheru@yahoo.com

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