inclusion / internal differentiation - teachers only

Published: 23.04.2022

Through online communication and during visits we want to discuss different ways of (internal) differentiation and inclusion in general. We want to exchange our ideas and experiences with the aim to improve the own approaches through workshops, projects, observations and
We aim for a cooperation between three to four schools. The mobility project
is for teachers only.

A mobility opportunity offer

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Strategic partnership
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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey ()
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Hello, we are a Learning Center from Santander, in the north of Spain. We have students from 14 years old and above, including Adult and Youth Learning & Training. We are mainly focused on the following fields of knowledge: administration, finances, communications, platforms, digital formation and health. We also offer various training courses for both employed and unemployed people. Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive and transversal education. That is why all our activities are based on values related to equality, integration, participation and sustainability. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you think our School is suitable or if you need further information:

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Hi! My dear colleague, We are a Primary School in Turkey, Çanakkale. Our school is an Echo-school which has carried out some eco friendly projects since 2018. There are three different student groups in our school. They are kindergarten, primary (elementary) and disadvantageous (mentally disabled) students. We have the richness in our groups and grades of students and in our nature. We live in a green natural, agricultural land which is also the location of three thermal power plants. Besides all this richness and diversity comes from the local situations there are also very dangerous threats rising from the environmental pollution. As a primary school, our main objective is to educate our students about the environmental issues and to raise an ecological awareness among our students. We want to experience different good practices in different countries. We can be partners in your project or you can join our project. Best regards Tevik Emin Primary School English Teacher Seydo Demirtaş Karasu

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Posted by Orhan Şimşek

Hi! We are an academic and well-established high school in Istanbul. We have 1600 students and 90 teachers. We are active in various project studies related to the project subject within the school and in our region. We have activities such as the integration of students with disabilities and the inclusion of students with special learning difficulties into the system with individualized education plans. We are ready to cooperate and share information on any subject. waiting for your contact. best regards.

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Posted by Dina Zampouli

I just read your post and I would like some further information regarding your project. Firstly, let me introduce myself: I'm Constantina and I teach English in a primary school in Athens, Greece. I hold a Masters degree in ICT in Education and I'm highly motivated and hardworking. My current school has no previous experience in Erasmus+ projects, but I used to work in another school, I experienced all the benefits and I would very much like to continue sharing this with my new students. My students and I have worked in a number of environmentally related projects, etwinning and we're currently working on a climate change project. Total number of students: appr 210 Total number of teachers: 30

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Posted by Dan Te

Hi! I am an English teacher from Romania and would be interested to join your project if for teachers only.

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Posted by Songül Yaralı

Hello, I'm Songul, I work at a public school in Istanbul. I am a classroom teacher. I have experience in making and executing projects. We are a primary school in the center of Istanbul. The school staff consists of teachers who work in harmony and love to work. We would love to participate in your project.

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Hallo aus Griechenland, ich bin Kostas, Grundschullehrer, habe eure mail gelesen und bin an eurem Projekt interessiert. Das Thema ist für uns sehr interessant und auch wir wollen dazu beitragen dass die Integration demokratisch gestaltet werden kann. Wir sind eine Schule aus Nordgriechenland mit Erasmus + Erfahrung mitten in einem Weinanbaugebiet, westlich von Thessaloniki (Schϋler 6-12 Jahre) in der Näne der antiken Stadt Aigai, der ersten Stadt der Makedonier, die zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe gehört und weltweit bekannt ist. Solltet ihr noch Partner suchen, die bereit sind hart zu arbeiten, wären wir gerne dabei. Deutsch als Arbeitssprache würden wir sehr begrüssen, aber Englisch wäre auch O.K. Kostas Mail:

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Posted by Dilek Oğuz

Hello. We are a secondary school in Istanbul Turkey. We have an Erasmus Plus group of 10 people. We are new, but we are hardworking and enthusiastic. We would love to work with you.

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Posted by yann DUSSUBIEUX

Hello, We are a team of teachers from a French highschool, in La Rochelle. We are looking for partner highschools (students‘ age group : 14 to 18) to share our teaching practices on the following themes : • Support and guidance of students : educational follow-up, evaluation strategies, academic success support ; • Follow-up of students : strategies implemented to fight against lack of motivation, and how to cope with truancy. So your project seem very close ours. And we are interest for teachers mobility only. We are accredited ERASMUS + If you want more information, my email is Best regards

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Posted by Letizia Di Martino

My name is Letizia Di Martino I teach Technology in a secondary school "I.C.Capol D.D." in San Nicola La Strada' in the province of Caserta a few kilometers from Naples. Our students are between 11 and 14 years old. In our school there is a section to address music where you can discover the charm of music and learn to play an instrument with the presence of masters prepared and engaging. Link to the video with some excerpts of live performances performed during the pre-open day of December. I am a member of the Erasmus Committee and coordinator in my school of three ERASMUS projects. For the project entitled "Harry Potter and the case of the sick Earth", which will end in September 2022, lower secondary school pupils have engaged with peers from Spain, Romania and Greece to save our planet from pollution, in the wake of the world’s most famous magician, addressing issues such as biodiversity, climate change, separate collection and cultural heritage to defend. At the same time they experienced the emotion of an international cultural exchange. From 30 May to 3 June 2022, the fourth and final mobility of the project took place at the school in Greece, in the city of Korydallos a few steps from Piraeus and Athens. . We are willing to participate in topics such as history, geography, culture, the environment, human relations, humanitarian values, diversity, even the preservation of cultural heritage, of which Italy is rich. We can be partners in your project. I can’t wait to hear from you :) Yours sincerely, Letizia My email is:

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Hello! I am the assistant director of Kepez Guidance and Research Center(Antalya, Turkey). In Turkey, Guidance and Research Centers are government institutions under the Turkish Ministry of National Education. They are responsible for providing psychological counseling to students in their district. Another important responsibility of these centers is educational evaluation, diagnosis and replacement of children with special needs. We work in coordination with all the schools in our district, we give seminars and conduct workshops to teachers, students and parents about mental health or educational issues. We also make individual or group counseling sessions with children who need professional psychological counseling. Our organizational structure consists of two main departments; Psychological Counseling Service and Special Education Service. Our team consists of 13 psychological counselors and 11 special education teachers. Our Center does not have any experience in international projects but we have taken part in national projects and as a team we are very enthusiastic about having an international experience. I have been involved in international projects and as leader of the project team, I will lead my team in future projects. Now I am eager to carry out projects in my new institution. Please see more detailed information below about our job areas ; • We give psychological support to the children and teenagers in our district. • We conduct structured group sessions for parents. • We conduct seminars to psychological counselors and special education teachers in our district. • We visit special education schools, classes and psychological counseling services in schools in order to identify their needs. • We conduct research in order to increase the quality of education for SEN and psychological counselling services in our district. • We apply various ability and intelligence tests to identify people with special needs. • We are responsible for educational evaluation, diagnosis and educational replacement of children with special needs including autism, down syndrome, mental retardation, ADHD etc... • We prepare individualized educational plans based on the children' educational evaluation results. Our centre was established in 2009 and located in the central settlement area of Antalya, located in the south of the Mediterranean coastline. Antalya is a city which includes urban life and nature together. Our region has lots of historical places such as The Ancient Cities: Side, Aspendos, Perge, Myra...There are also lots of touristic destinations such as Manavgat Waterfall , Green Canyon, Kaleici Harbor, Lara and Konyaaltı Beaches,and diving centers. If you think we can give you any contribution for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Best regards, Havva

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Posted by Evelyne PARAME

Hello, I'm a primary school teacher from Reunion Island (in the Indian Ocean, close to Mauritius). Is this project only for secondary teachers or is it possible to join you ? Hope to hear from you soon. A bientôt.

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Posted by Osman Kapci

Hello. We are a secondary school in Konya Turkey. We have an Erasmus Plus group of 10 people. We are new but hardworking and enthusiastic. We would love to work with you. Mail:

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Posted by Raziye Eroğlu

Hello, we are a school that provides education in the field of health in Mersin Turkey. I teach health classes at my school. Our student age range is 14-19. I would like to work with you on your project. best regards

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Posted by Murat YAVUZ

hello we can work as partners on your project and host you.

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Posted by Klaudia Migdal

Hello, I am a primary school teacher in Reykjavík, Iceland. I am very interested in joining the project. Could you send me more info at

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Posted by Nilay Salğın

hi from Troy Çanakkale Turkıye ıf u love travelling:) you should see Troy Horse whıch was in Brad Pitts film if you want to explore city of Troy lets be partner:) If you want to learn about Helen of Troy lets come together:) we are waiting for your answer see u soon ı hope if you want our pif ı can send your mail

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