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Published: 08.12.2021

Hello everybody,
I am an English teacher in Primary school Juraj Dobrila Rovinj, Croatia.
There are about 600 students in our school (7 - 14 years old).
We are very experienced in Erasmus+ programme and so far, we have a number of projects, teachers´ mobilities, students´ mobilities and organized job shadowings for European teachers.
We offer the possibility to have job shadowing mobility in our school (English, Italian, Biology, primary teachers).
If you need a place to job shadow, welcome to our school!

A mobility opportunity offer

Opportunity type
Job shadowing
Host type
Direct host
Country (languages)
Croatia (EN; FR; HR; IT)
01.02.2022 » 30.11.2022

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Posted by Carmelo Patanè

Hello! I am an Italian high school teacher but I would be interested in a job shadowing experience in your school. Maybe I can teach some Italian or do some presentation on Italy in Italian language. We'll apply for mobility in February and if our school gets the funds I could travel. Carmelo

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Posted by Suzana Poljak

Hello Carmelo, It would be very nice. Just let me know when you are ready to come. You can contact me on:

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Posted by Beril Günel

Hi my friend I am an English teacher in izmir, Turkey. We are interested in your project and we are as a team consisting of 5 persons so eager to participate in an erasmus project. I would like to learn more about your project. Please contact me: Best wishes

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Posted by Rana Arslan

Hello! I am an English teacher in Turkey. We are five teachers working at a primary school in Gaziantep which is a city famous for its cuisine. We are interested in visiting your school and learning from you through job-shadowing. We thank you in advance and will be looking forward to receiving your answer. For more information please let us know. Kind regards, Rana Arslan

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Posted by Sümeyye Eryılmaz

Hello ! We are a primary school in Ankara/ TURKEY. We need a foreign partner for our KA1 project. Our project is about inclusive education by using various activities such as drama, music and games. We want to make job-shadowing in your school to benefit from your experiences. Please contact us if you are interested in our project.

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Posted by Emre Demirbaş

Dear Sir or Madam, I am glad to get in touch with you and I hereby would like to introduce my institution and explain what we are looking for in the framework of Erasmus+ (2022-2027) : 1. WHO WE ARE ? As a public high school in Sakarya, Turkey, we serve as an institution that prioritizes academic success. As an institution, our aim is to increase academic success by using project-based learning widely and effectively in our school. Official website : 2. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR (ERASMUS+) : In the framework of the Eramsus+ programme, we will submit our application for the accreditation which would enable us (if we are selected) to act as an observer that take place in the scope of job shadowing as related k-122 sch programme.We want to find a hosting partner which will enable us the opportunity to observe good practice examples of web2 tools in teaching process. Since this accreditation concerns key-action 1 activities, we are mainly looking for a hosting partner active in the field of high school education which has experience about project-based learning and uses web2 tools efficiently. Interested by a collaboration ? For further ınfo you can contact me via the following data :

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Posted by Emre Konucuk

Hi from Ankara TURKEY, I am Emre Konucuk. Im an English Language Teacher. Im writing this message on behaalf of my school. It is a high school. We have 18 teachers and 130 students, We want to develop our technological knowledge and usage. We are planing an erasmus project for accrediation. If we are accepted, we want to take a course about classroom management strategies and effective teaching techniques. In addition to this course, we want job shadowing. We are seeking for an european school using ict tools, web 2.0 tools in their lessons. If it is okay, please contact us. Thank you .

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Hey there! We are a small school in a rural area in Carballo, Galicia, Spain (on the Northwest). Our group of teachers are searching for job-shadowing with schools exactly like this one! We have students from 3 to 12 years old. Our school is currently carrying on susnaible, methodological innovations and healthy programmes and we would like to share and learn from a school like yours as you might have very useful ingredients to make a good approach to what we finally want to reach: good quality in our practice. If you think we can create a good match don't hesitate to contact us. Regards, Alba.

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Hello, we are a small school in Castellón, in Spain, specifically in the Valencian Community. Our students are between 2 and 12 years old. The main theme of our project is awareness of caring for the environment, while expanding and improving the training of our teachers in innovative methodologies that favor the integration and improvement of results in our students. Although we have two approved Erasmus projects, we do not have much experience (due to the pandemic) so it would be very helpful to learn from an experienced school like you. If you are interested contact us. Thank you Maricarmen:

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Hello!! We are very interested in your offer. You can contact me at Regards from Spain

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Posted by Francisca Romero

Hi! I’m a teacher in CEIP Francisca Romero We are a primary school in Seville, SPAIN💃. We’re looking for opportunities for job shadowing abroad. It will be our first k122 sch so we are really excited about this project. 🤖Our school works hard with ICT, we have a strong coding program with our very own subject about ICT, coding and robotic. We would like to learn more about how to implement the ICT in the classroom. 🤝We are located in a neighborhood with a high percentage of immigrant children, so another point would be the integration of minorities, reducing early school leaving and how to learn from our differences. For us it would be amazing to find a school that shares the same profile. Check our website if you want to know us better My email is Thanks!

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Hello, we are a Greek primary school applying now for KA122, and we are interested in job shadowing, especially if you have classes with multicultural students. Please let me know, if we can organize a visit to beautiful Croatia! Thank you for your time, A. Soulani

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Posted by Estefanía Pavon

Hi! We are two Spanish teacher and we are interested in your job shadowing. The best time for us will be 28 march - 1 April, we would like to know if the dates work for you, the prices; and the airport nearest. My mail: Thank for your help Best

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Good morning, We are a school from Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain).Our school is CEIP Tíncer and we have around 300 pre-Primary and Primary students. We would really like to visit your school. We currently have an Erasmus K1 project that must finish at the end of the year, and still a few mobilities to do. We think that it would be a great opportunity to visit your school. We are also getting new Erasmus+ projects ready that will imply students' mobility as well, as we want them to enjoy the experience, so it would be also great to include you in our project. The topics our school wants to get involved with are 1. Inclusive school models. 2. . Art as a motivation key to access to the curriculum. 3. Creative and technological spaces models. We are also in several eTwinning projects at the moment, and we'd love to cooperate. Of course, if you want to visit us we are more than happy to host you here. Thanks in advance for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tayri Hernandez My email address is

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Posted by John PIDOU

Hello, My name is John Evan and I’m a biology teacher in a secondary school in France. I read your offer for job shadowing in your school and I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to observe your use of digital skills and language teaching at your school. My school is part of an accredited KA121 Erasmus+ project and I am looking for a host. I am a CLIL teacher in Biology and English and I am also the Digital Skills Coordinator at my school and manage everything related to iPads and online use. I am also an iPad trainer and deliver training coures to schools in my region. Ideally I would like to come and observe for a period of 5 days anytime during the following dates: from Monday 17th October to Friday 11th November 2022. Please let me know which week would suit you best. Hope to hear back from you very soon, John Evan Pidou.

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Posted by Toni Garcia Arias

Hello. I am Toni García, Director of the Joaquín Carrión school in San Javier, Murcia, Spain. We have Erasmus+ 2022-2027 accreditation. We are interested in carrying out Job Shadowing and also in receiving visits from teachers from other countries. I am sure you would love to work with us, because multiculturalism, inclusion and, above all, the work to constantly develop dynamic and interesting projects such as “Recrezumba” ( ?v = zbe5fVJDNJ8 ). In addition, we are located in a privileged environment, by the sea, with a wonderful climate throughout the year. If you are interested, my email is

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Hi, my name is Raquel and I am the Erasmus coordinator in Escola Les Acàcies, a primary school in Barcelona (Spain). We have the Erasmus Accreditation 2022-2027 with objectives dealing with digital competence and innovative maths teaching methods. We are looking for partner primary schools with experience in this fields to carry out a job shadowing activity and who knows, maybe starting a long term cooperation. We are also open to host teachers in our school as well as interested in organising pupils' mobilities. Do not hesitate to contact for further information. Raquel Hernandez

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My name is Juan Martos, teacher at IES Los Cerros (Spain) and I would be interested in a Job Shadowing practice iin the coming May. Prefently, I would rather to participate in the professional training branch (such as IT, Electrics, Electronics or IT). Please, Could you be so kind if it is possible to host me or maybe address to the proper responsible of Erasmus program in your school? Thanks in advance. Kind Regards

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Posted by Serkan Püsküllü

Hello, we are from Aksaray, Turkey which is a small city in the very middle of Turkey close to Cappadoccia Region. As a group of 4 teachers, we are interested in job shadowing at your school if you are also interested. Here is my contact info:

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