Germany: looking for accredited partners for students' exchange

Published: 18.05.2021

We are the Erasmus coordinators of a northeastern German secondary school with a lot of experience in leading and participating in international projects. (

Our school applied successfully for the accreditation and now we are trying to find an appropriate partner to cooperate with for short term exchanges with students.

Our primary aim is to work on different topics like healthy lifestyle, new media and sport to improve their motivation to learn and to exchange innovative learning methods.

We want to work with a whole class (ca. 20 students), do exchanges with them as a group and observe their development & motivation within some years. They are 12/13 years old at the moment.

Can you imagine to cooperate with us this way? If yes, let's find a date for a video- conference in order to talk about some details. We are looking forward to your answer.

Regards from Stralsund.

Jana Piotraschke and Ines Hollatz

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Strategic partnership
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France, Ireland, Malta, Sweden ()
01.09.2021 » 30.11.2022

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Hello ! We are an accredited Primary + Secondary School in Jerez de la Fontera ( Spain) We are also interested in similar topics to work on .We are looking for partners for a students' exchange in both directions. My email is : Please keep in touch

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IGS Grünthal Hansestadt Stralsund
IGS Grünthal Hansestadt Stralsund


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