Creating European Hot Spots for Education in Climate, Water and Environment

Published: 01.11.2020

Climate change and solutions to problems caused by climate change are not local problems but transnational and cross-bordering. These problems are to be solved jointly between the different countries in the EU. This project aims to increase the interest to teach in cooperation with professional companies and relevant institutions that will contribute with the newest and most valid knowledge concerning environment, water and climate change.
The lead partner is Skanderborg Gymnasium that will contribute with teachers who can develop educational material of all kinds in cooperation with our local partner and knowledge center, AquaGlobe. AquaGlobe has professionals in all aspects concerning water. Other than that, the aim to communicate the problems with water in the context of climate change is facilitated by anthropologist and by professional communication employees.
- Phase 1 – collecting practices. In the beginning of the project, we need to collect knowledge and experiences about the problems including water solutions from the different partners.
- Phase 2 - Developing the material. The aim is to develop three courses of instruction with different focus, but all centered around water, environment and climate.
- Phase 3 – Testing the material in hotspots. The third phase will be an exploratory phase. The partner schools will teach according to the material and will evaluate the material.
- Phase 4 – Implementing. In the fourth phase the aim is to edit the teaching material and to implement the teaching material as best practice in the partner schools.

The material is to be taught both indoor and outdoor at the hotspots of AquaGlobe and through our European partner organizations. The hotspots are areas with relevance concerning climate and water. The aim is that schools in all of Europe should easily be able to teach climate change concerning water with their own hotspots in their local environment, possibly with their own professional companies.

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Posted by nina stojanovic

Dear, We are Cambridge international high school from Belgrade, Serbia, a state-of-the-art school in the region. Bilingual teaching, Cambridge certification, learning with modern technological devices and educational techniques, and developing 21st Century Skills with students. We are hearbly interested in participating in your project. Please visit our site; Kindly keep in mind that Serbia is also program country. Best regards, Nina Stojanović

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Posted by Nadia Circu

Hi, I am Nadia, teacher of ICT at The Teaching Staff House from Neamt County, Romania is a resource, educational and managerial training centre for teachers, with the role of promoting innovation and reform in education, in correlation with professional standards for the teaching profession, quality standards and professional competencies, as well as in line with national education policies and strategies. If you are looking for a hardworking, reliable and committed project partner, our centre would be a great option for you. If you accept me as your partner, please send me more details about the project. best regards, Nadia My email is:

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Posted by Özge Güleryüz

Hello I am an English teacher in İzmir Turkey.It is a touristic place and full of historical sites.I am experienced in projects .I participated on different projects with my students who can attend the school after being successful from a national entrance exam at the end of 8th grade. They have nice memories with their peers from different countries. Last year we worked on three different e-twinning projects .Also we attended a language camp in Netherlands.This year we have completed an Erasmus + KA2 . For your project we can attend with the students of 15-16.It will be interesting for us and will be happy to start working on a new project with you. I am a serious, hardworking and an experienced partner and also Turkey is a cheap country which will help you in terms of bugget.We would like to take part at any educational activity for students. Özge

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Posted by yildiz barsbay

Dear Sir/Madamme, Hope this message will find you well. We're Gölcük District Directorate of National Education located in Gölcük/KOCAELİ/TURKEY-not far from İstanbul. I’m a Project Specialist and I have been working in Gölcük District Directorate of National Education for more than a year now. We have a project team in the Office and we are very active in composing and implementing EU Projects. Under the authority of the Directorate there are 97 schools including pre, primary, secondary and high schools operating in different levels and different programmes/curriculums. Recently We’re composing and implementing several EU projects in coordination with our schools. We’are also interested being a partner to your projects. İf you’d like to build a partnership either with our schools or the directorate itself please contact us from the mail address stated below.

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