Published: 15.10.2020

We are a vocational school in the south of Italy, we are looking for partners to activate a project on food as cultural heritage and identity.
From a perspective of authentic sharing and dialogue, food can help promote cultural and social integration between people within the community and between it and the outside world. The local flavors and food preparations, the typical cuisine of the territories, belong to the "intangible cultural heritage" which must be valued and transmitted to other cultures.
To achieve this goal, we intend to create a project that highlights the peculiarities of the typical products of the territory, from a food and wine point of view but also from a historical point of view, underlining the local traditions. The project will be developed in two languages: English and French.
Interested parties can contact me at this email:

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Posted by Zoltán Brezovský

Hello, my name is Zoltán. I come from a small Slovakian village called Hrušov. I am really interested in your idea for the Erasmus programme. I am a History teacher and the headmaster of our elementary school. There are 100 pupils at our school aged between 6 - 15. I found your project very interesting and would like to participate in it. Both our country and our village have very rich traditions in folk songs, dances and food and it would really excite us to work with them, present and compare them to the traditions of our neighbours. My email address is We prefer to be an Erasmus partner school, not a coordinator school. Yours sincerely Zoltán Brezovský

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Dear Sir/Madam; I am writing from Istanbul Avcılar District Directorate of National Education. We have been running and coordinating Erasmus projects for 6 years. Since we are the District Directorate of National Education, there are 72.598 students and 3016 teachers connected to our institution. Our project about Inclusive Education was accepted in the 2020 application period K101.In 2018, our K201 project on Stem and Coding was accepted and a digital tool was developed as a project output. Since we are the District National Education Directorate, there are 73 schools operating under our institution. Our institution, which has 6 kindergartens, 22 primary schools, 28 secondary schools, and 17 high schools, has the skills of project management and coordination. There is a separate Erasmus unit in our institution. If you want to find reliable partners, we are ready to share responsibility. Tuğçe ŞENAY

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