Job shadowing in Sevilla

Published: 13.01.2020

My name is Teresa Pérez Caballero, headmaster of Ana Mª Matute School form Seville (Spain).
One of our school highlights is the coordinated work between the different stages of Spanish education, pre-primary (from 3 to 5 years) and primary school (from 6 to 12 years), where the work of our infant teacher staff is highly valued in our area.
We have to stands up the emotional intelligence work that we use with our students during our teaching practice with all of our students, and the Bilingual project that we have for our primary students.
At the moment we are implementing a enrichment program with high capacities students; we participate in a musical project with different schools form Andalucía; and we have just started with a engineering program to favor equality between boys and girls.
We want to join Erasmus + program KA-101 as a receptor centre and as a visitor centre.

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Job shadowing
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Direct host
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Spain (EN; ES)
03.02.2020 » 29.05.2020

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Posted by maternelle Pons

Hello, we are a team of 5 teachers in French nursery school (105 students from 3 to 6 years old), near Bordeaux. We are part of a consortium with a college and a lycee, which could welcome you as well. We welcome allophone students of different nationalities. We have students with various disabilities and social and behavioural difficulties that impact their learning. We would like to observe and exchange on our classroom practices in order to improve their care. We are motivated to open our practices and exchange with our European colleagues. We are ready to welcome you in our classes. you can contact us to : Cordially,

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Posted by TERESA Pérez

Buenos días, estoy a la espera de recibir noticias suyas, les he mandado varios correos a la dirección indicada. Gracias.

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