New educational methodologies. KA101. URGENT!!!

Published: 31.12.2019

Hello. My name is José Luis Ruiz, I'm a maths teacher of IES Alfonso XI (a secundary school in Alcalá la Real´-Jaén). Some teachers of my school of these subjects (Biology, maths, english, economy, history, vocational guidance) are very interested about having the experience of doing jobshadowing and learning about ABP, flipper classroom, STEAM methodologies... in order to improve our results and the motivation of our students.
We're very kind, worker and passionated about education.
We're finishing to organize a wonderful KA101 application and we wanna get the best options for us. So please if you are interested about getting more information contact in
Hugs, José Luis

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Posted by şermin tan

Hello, We are teachers of a secondary school in Antalya , Turkey.We want to be partner of your project. Best regards...

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Hello. we are a secundary school in Coimbra, Portugal. we want to be a partner of your project. Best regards! Francisca

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Posted by Georgiana Petreus

Hi! We are a college from Romania, training students (10-19). Our school specialities are in STEAM fields (social and natural sciences, IT, maths, robotics, astronomy, languages, arts). We are interested on exchange our teachers to compare our teaching methods. You can contact me on my email (

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IES Alfonso XI
IES Alfonso XI


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