Job shadowing in Finland or in Estonia

Published: 30.11.2019

We need your school collaboration. Firstly I will introduce our city and our school. We are a public school located in Toledo, Spain. Our city was named World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986. It is 60 kilometres from Madrid . We are a bilingual school since 2009 and we want to have a strengthened European perspective, and to increase forms on international dimension. Also we are engaged to give our students a quality education improving our digital competences and updating didactic methodologies.
Our school is a Primary and Infants Public School we have 400 kids, our pupils are from 3 to 12 years old.

Our aim is to find new ways to integrate ICT in the classroom and learn how create digital resources for learning and teaching foreign languages.This year we have incorporated Physical Education to be developed in English language. Our goals are to update our capabilities and methods of teaching by visiting your school. We want to see how your teachers are dealing with everyday´ s difficulties , which methods they are using to solve them .Also our school is open to educational experiences exchanges that there is no doubt will be an enriched way for teachers and pupils.

We are very interested in knowing the Finish and Estonian Educational Systems, since the results of your students in the Pisa report are excelent and , and also in learning other ways of life.

We are planning our teachers mobilities for a KA101.
We want to take advantage of the scholarship that has been granted to us by extending the knowledge of our teachers through a Job Shadowing experience. We will send two teachers for a week , preferible in April, May or June.

We would be very grateful if you would give us the opportunity to know your educational system, your didactic and pedagogical approaches.

We should be grateful for your agreement and cooperation on this point.

If you need more information about our school, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, we will so glad.
Remember that you can use this links if you are concerned to know more about us and our environment.

This is our School web:
This is our city web :
This is our E+ web:
This is our project card in the Platform results:

Looking forward hearing from you

Leticia Enamorado Díaz

A mobility opportunity request

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Job shadowing
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Estonia, Finland (EN; ES)
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Posted by Filomena Garofalo

I am Italian teacher from Frascati near Rome. I am very interested to project. I am a teacher of Vocational Institute is ideally located in the town of Frascati, a historic town which lies on the Alban Hills in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Our students are 14- 18. If you are interested you can contact me email:

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Posted by şermin tan

Hello, We are teachers of a secondary school in Antalya, Türkiye. We would like to be a partner in your project. Could you please contact us via this mail? Best regards.

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