Job shadowing or internship in a Montessori Kindergarten

Published: 26.11.2019

Our organization, thanks to many years of experience, has selected some kindergartens that are combining two innovative methods, which allows our participants to experiment a unique experience in the sector.
In these kindergartens, the children are followed according to the Montessori pedagogy model merged with the approaches of the outdoor kindergarten. Nature and creativity become the main tracks of enrichment and learning. The games are made by the children themselves, with recycled material or with what they find in the surroundings.

Studying in nature is possible ... and it is also wonderful !!! Montessori had said that her pedagogy in nature works much better !!!

A mobility opportunity offer

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Job shadowing
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Calabria Region
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Italy (EN; ES; IT)
25.10.2019 » 30.04.2023

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Hello. We are a children's center in a city in southern Spain, Huelva. Our center is innovative and uses a constructivist methodology. We would be interested in visiting your center. And also, if you want to visit ours. I'm waiting for your answer. Greetings.

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Hello.We are a kindergarten school in Peania Attica near airport Eleytherios Venizelos in Greece.At our kindergarten we apply innovative teaching methods and we want to share them with you. Do you want to collaborate? Kind regards Evangelia Triantafyllou

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Hi. I am a kindergarten teacher in a town in Huelva (Spain). Our center develops a project-based methodology and constructivist literacy. We would like to visit your center and visit ours in order to exchange experiences. Greetings

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Posted by Cem Gören

Hello; We are writing from a primary school in Sinop district of Turkey. We also use Montessori pedagogy for two years. Moreover, we plan to apply for a K1 project through our national agency and wonder if you can host us to share the experience and knowledge with us. We hope to hear from you soon. Please contact us.

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Posted by Iwona Bagińska

Hi! We are looking for hosting school. We are a Primary School from Wziąchowo Wielkie (located in Lower Silesia) in Poland with about 200 students(from 3 to 14 years old). We are looking for partners for our Erasmus+ project. We would like to take part in a job shadowing experience. We are interested in outdoor teaching, methodologies, creative teaching, innovations in teaching, using ICT to increase our linguistic and didactic abilities/competences and to enlarge our school educational offer. We want to learn how to teach better and how to inspire our pupils. We are looking for schools partners willing to offer us this amazing opportunity.  If you are interested in cooperation with us please contact us. Looking forward to hear from you. Best regards Iwona Wojcieszak Coordinator Erasmus + Primary school  Wziąchowo Wielkie

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We are a kindergarten in Heraklion, Crete. (Greece). Our teachers are specialized in experiential learning through the arts as well as special education. Our activities are focused on motivating our students, animating and shaping the right pedagogical atmosphere so that the school can function in the most vulnerable groups of children (refugees, children with disabilities and children from low-income backgrounds). We have good experience in Erasmus programs since in recent years we have completed two Erasmus programs KA 1 and one KA 2. We are eager to work together to share good practices and feed back our teachers. We would like to visit your school for Job Shadowing and we welcome you to our school respectively. If you are interested in working with us, please contact me at the following mail Friendly Jeny Papagiannaki Headmaster of 12 Nipiagogio Heraklion Crete

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Posted by Natasa Gregur

Hi. Are you still interested in partnership? I'm a kindergarten psychologist from Slovenia, Ormož. In our kindergarten we care for 220 children aged 1-6 years at 2 locations. Our staff has about 50 employees. Our kindergarten is public institution, located in small town Ormož, near the border with Croatia. We are surrounded by many natural resources - the Drava River with a nature reserve, many vineyards, forests, meadows, fields ... We are preparing our first KA101 project and looking for a nursery that would be ready to accept us for jobshadowing. We are particularly interested in your experience and practice. We also want to get to know your education system and national programs to supporting all children, especially for gifted and talented children and children with special educational needs. We are willing to host you for jobshadowing too. As a public kindergarten we carry out national curricula and for children with special needs 2 pre-school programs - the "regular" program with customized implementation and additional professional assistance and a personalized program in so-called developmental class. We have a lot of experience in implementing early treatment and inclusion for children with special needs and developmental disabilities. As part of this we have good practices in collaborating with external (medical and educational) institutions too. We also carry out forest pedagogy and formative learning. Please contact me by email Kind regards, Nataša Gregur

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Posted by Silvia Pérez

We are a group of teachers who would like to carry out a KA101 job shadowing Project about playgrounds. Our school, CEIP Ramón Otero Pedrayo, is located in a rural area in the northwest of Spain, a few kilometers away from Santiago de Compostela, where the “camino” ends. There are 600 students from pre primary and primary (3 to 12 years old). We are going to carry out a Erasmus KA101 project promoting inclusive and dynamic schoolyards. Our aim is to do a job shadow to observe schoolyards and other areas to get to know about your work methodology and observe your leisure areas and schoolyards At the same time you are welcome to come and visit our school and be part of it during your stay. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please contact me by email

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Hello! I write to you on behalf of a kindergarten and elementary school in Cuenca, Spain. We are part of a consortium that is going to apply for an Erasmus+ Ka101 project. Our needs and interests are on target to the implementation in our school of new methodologies. We wonder if, in case of being supported, you would be able and interested to host us in a Montessori Kindergarten for a job shadowing. Please, contact me via email Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Posted by selma kusoglu

Hello everyone, My name is Andrea and I work as English teacher in Bursa, Turkey. We are looking for Montessori kindergarten. Our school has developed Erasmus+ project and we would like to participate in a job shadowing in a different country. We are interested in learning about the education system of your country, the school organization and different methodologies of your school. Through on-the-job observation of our project team in European mobility and cooperation; 1) It is aimed to make education more qualified in our province and in our region. - Internship qualifications of senior students will be supported through the protocol we signed which is experienced in European mobility activities in our province. - It is aimed to continue the field support we provide for the graduation theses and research studies of the undergraduate and graduate students who have started for the first time last year. 2) Improving quality and efficiency by examining and adapting the plans and methods implemented in European schools, 3) To support the professional development of our teachers by integrating alternative educational materials and pedagogy into their own practices. 4) To ensure the standardization of Montessori pedagogy, which is a European education approach, at the implementation stage, (Montessori education; child-centered, features of the materials used and understanding of education as a whole supports the development of the child. Maria Montessori in this educational approach to children 'sensory and music education, mental and arithmetic education, language and literacy education, daily life education' realistic materials that meet sub-areas such as realistic and autonomous studies. 5) Gathering the necessary data in our host institution which has primary school level in order to ensure the continuation of our institution providing education in pre-school level at primary level, 6) It is aimed to examine the conditions and methods of application of school psychological counseling services in Europe and to develop a global understanding.

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Dear Sir or Madam, we are a State Kindergarten from Greece and for the first time we are applying on ERASMUS+ program and we are looking for a partner. Our school is based on modern pedagogical method in tutoring. There are 5 experts in our school from multiple areas of special education. we are really interested in job shadowing, seminars and partnership especially in Art lessons Please get in touch with us up to 1/2/2020 we really look forward to hearing from you soon Paola Vakinti ( Giota Stavropoulou ( Σύνταξη: KA1 + KA2

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Hello; We are writing from a kindergarden in Mersin province of Turkey. We provide pre-school education to approximately 180 students in our school. We are preparing our first KA101 project and are looking for a school ready to accept us for the workforce. We want to learn about the education system of your country, school organization and different methodologies of your school. We hope to hear from you soon. Please contact us. Kind regards Zübeyde Hanım Kindergarten. mail:

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Posted by Raluca Zaharia

Hi, We are a kindergarten (3 to 7 years old kids) in Bucharest, Romania. We are applying for an Erasmus + KA101 Project now (2020- 2022). We look for partner (we need your Organisation's Erasmus ID number, if you want be our partner in the project). We are involved in innovative school management methods, new technologies, inclusive education, learning communities and project based learning. We woul like to visit your school for job-shadowing activity to share experiences and good practices. Looking forward to hear from you soon on e-mail Best Regards, RalucaZaharia

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Posted by Angéla Bodnár

Hello! My name is Angela Bodnar, I am the contact person of Tyukodi Csodák Világa Óvoda ( in English : World of Wonders Nursery School in Tyukod) in Hungary ). We are going to take part in a KA229 project from 1. September 2020. We would like to be your partner if you think so and cooperate with you in job shadowing into each other’s country. Tyukod is a small village in the north-eastern part of Hungary near the border of Ukraine and Romania. The Nursery School here has got about 80 children aged 3-6 and the nursery school teachers ( 6 persons ) would like to visit your institute to get experiences from your good practise, to get acquanted with your educational system, your culture, your traditions and everything regarding to your every day activities at your nursery school or primary school. At the nursery school in Tyukod teachers try to keep the traditions alive (folk dance, folk music, traditional activities from the past) and take care of environmental awareness, so they try to teach their children in the spirituality of these aims. If you are ready to welcome us at your institute with sincerely, we would be very happy and grateful to travel to you for 4-5 days from November 2020. any time when it is suitable for you . We also are ready to host you in our nursery school. It is small but very friendly and familiar and you know that the Hungarian hospitability is famous! Please contact me : ( The first address is mine, it would be better to use, but the other one is also OK – it is the Nursery’s )

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