Erasmus+ KA101 job shadowing

Published: 28.09.2019

We are looking for a partner school (students aged 14-18) in northern European countries that can host two or three of our teachers for 5 days of job shadowing in an agreed period according to the preferences and calendars of the two schools. We are interested in the skills of the 21st century, the use of digital tools in teaching, the teaching of subjects in foreign languages ​​(CLIL = Content and Language Integrated Learning). Our school in Modena (Italy) has a classical address with humanistic studies (Latin and ancient Greek) and a linguistic address with the study of modern languages ​​(English, French with ESABAC, the double Italian and French diploma, German and Spanish). We also have a biomedical course. We already have experience with Erasmus + KA101 projects (one is still ongoing) and two Erasmus + KA229 projects that we have just started. We are available to reciprocate hospitality
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Paola Baldari
contact person for Erasmus + projects
Liceo Muratori San Carlo - Modena (Italy)

A mobility opportunity request

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Job shadowing
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Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden (EN)
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Posted by Juan Lopez Medina

LOS CERROS is a school with secondary, high, adult, and VET education in the amazing World Heritage city of Úbeda. In fact, we are the biggest school in the province of Jaén with around 1600 students and more than 120 teachers. We are a public body and we are offering possible opportunities for Job shadowing, short time teaching assignments or Long Term Teaching Assignments for European teachers in the bilingual (English) subjects of Maths, Technology-ICT, Physical Education, Social Sciences at secondary level, and also school management for AE, HE, SE and VET. Besides, there is also the possibility of having opportunities for vocational courses in VET and High Education on Tourism, Computing-ICT, and Electronics. Our school is dynamic and passionate in every way, furthermore, we are always applying for new challenges. We are an eco-school and a very updated technological institution. On top of that, we have the idea that internationalization is a need for us thus, we are open to host teachers from any European country to contribute to their training, improving probably one of the greatest projects: Europe. In our center, we speak also Italian and French. We can provide you STTA or LTTA opportunities in the subjects of: Secondary Education: * Social Sciences in English * Maths in English * Technology in English * Physical Education in English * Natural Sciences in English (probably). * English VET and High Education: * Computing (VET & High Education) * Tourism for hotel management (High Education) * Tourism for special needs students (specific VET) * Electricity/electronics (VET) * Sports (VET) And of course, you can also do Job shadowing with regards to: * Project-based learning * CLIL methodology * Special Needs * Managing * ICT tools, coding, 3D printing, Coding with Arduino, Library functioning,... If you are interested you can contact to me by email:

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Posted by Wolfgang Eitel

We are a secondary school in Augsburg, Bavaria and have just published a mobility request ourselves, with 21st-century learning skills and intercultural learning being our main focus. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me: Best regards Wolfgang Eitel

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We are a high school in the Canary Islands (Spain) that have a KA-1 project that promotes digital literacy among teachers and students. One of our Project goals is to set the best organisation plan within the school regarding digital ressources and materials, in order to make the most of them and thrive digital use and competence in an effective way. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced high school in terms of digital competence and management where we could observe good practices. We would like to send two teachers from our school for a perdiod of 10 days. Besides, we would like to get to know possible future partners for future projects. Best regards Contact person and Coordinator: Miren Oiana Ynchausti Leizaola SCHOOL NAME: INSTITUTO DE ENSEÑANZA SECUNDARIA JINÁMAR (SPAIN) Mail contact:

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