Published: 06.09.2019

Dear all,
As Anatolia training company, We offer you best job shadowing experience to you.

Who is Anatolia?
Anatolia Education is a company that organise KA1courses and in-house trainings and job shadowing program around Europe under Erasmus Plus Program. Anatolia Education has got a big network all
around Europe.Anatolia proudly presents that since November 2015 it has organised more than 200 courses with more than 45 professional trainers with more than 2000 participants.
Anatolia is your realiable partner as the only address where experience and innovation meet.
Now, Anatolia Education welcomes you with Confirmed Erasmus Plus Courses and Job shadowing program in its network school and companies in various destinations.

Job Shadowing Programs
• CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning and Digital Based Learning)
• Eco Schools
• Reducing Early School Leaving
• Drama and Social Skills
• Volunteering
• Reading Habit
• Indoor /Outdoor Games
• Flipped Classroom
• Gifted Children
• Innovative Methods ICT Based Classes
• Integration of Migrant Students
• Peer Coaching
• Project Based Learning
• Stem and Robotics
• Stop Bullying and Cyber Bullying in Schools
• Benchmarking Education in Finland & Tallinn
• Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Creativity
• Conflict Management
• Preschool Philosophies
• 3D Printing
• Healhty Lifestyle and Nutrition and Sports in Schools
• Learn with Culture and Museums
• Orienteering – Learning with Nature
• Learning to learn of Educators
• Conflict Management

Job shadowing Places
• İstanbul

• Antalya
• Afyon
• Paris
• BarcelonaRoma
• Helsinki
• Prague
• Malaga
• Brussels
• Malta
• Berlin
• Amsterdam
İf you want, we can also create a special program to you. For more details please contact via +905547011978 or
Hope to contact soon
Anatolia team

A mobility opportunity offer

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Job shadowing
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Spain (EN)
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Posted by Milan Janković

If you are looking for amazing project partners-choose Anatolia Education! We have just finished job shadowing mobility, and they were our hosts...They are an incredible,creative team,very friendly and professional. We highly recommend cooperation with Anatolia Education!

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Posted by Cristian Husac

Hi there, Greetings from Rumania, we are a dedicated team of teachers working to develop kids' ability to acquire new skills which they will use later in life. We teach pupils aged 11 - 15. It will be fascinating to participate in this project. Also, our pleasure to host you and share our teaching experiences and pool our talents. Looking forward to receiving all the relevant details at Best, Cristian.

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Posted by Danijela Jevtic

Hello dears I am second language teacher of English in primary school, Niš, Serbia My team of colleagues are interested to involve in some project like this. We would like to be partners. danijela jevtić

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Posted by Philippe Mocquard

Hello, I am a teacher in France in "Livet" high school in Nantes City. I teach digital and computing to my students who are from 16 to 18 years old. A project has just became to develop exchange with some European countries to compare learning strategies about digital. This project was born from an initiative of the Rector of the academy of Nantes The goal is to spend one week in a school to learn about your practices in this topic. For example we have just started this year a new course "Science Numérique et Technologie" about computing for all the 16 years old students for 1,5 hour per week. Please answer me if you are interest and have any question. Philippe Mocquard

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Posted by Ebru Topaloğlu

we wanna a cultural heritage related concept

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Posted by Angéla Bodnár

Hello!My name is Angela Bodnar, I am the contact person of Tyukodi Csodák Világa Óvoda ( in English : World of Wondwers Nursery School in Tyukod, Hungary )Tyukod is a small village in the north-east part of Hungary near the border of Ukrain and Romania. The Nursery School here has got about 80 children aged 3-6 and the nursery school teachers ( 6 persons ) would like to visit your institute to get experiences from your good practise, to get acquanted with your educational system, your culture, your traditions and everything regarding to your every day activities at your nursery shool or primary school. At the nursery school in Tyukod teachers try to keep the traditions alive (folk dance, folk music, traditional activities from the past) and take care of environmental awareness, so they try to teach their children in the spirituality of these aims. If you are ready to welcome us at your institute with sincerely, we would be very happy and grateful to travel to you for 4-5 days from November 2020. any time when it is suitable for you . Please contact me : ( The first address is mine, it would be better to use, but the other one is also OK – it is the Nursery’s )

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