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1st day:
-Introduction to the Reggio-Emilia Approach
-Discuss the advantages and disadvantages the Reggio-Emilia Approach
-Comparing other Preschool Philosophies in pre-school education
-Understand the similarities and differences of these philosophies in education,

2nd day:

Observing students and examining activities
- Methodology of Reggio-Emilia Approach
- Learning through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing
- See the role of games and plays
- Support creativity and independence of students

3rd day:

Examining educational practices

-How to support pre-school staff to learn about the most prevalent preschool philosophies to help them create a more kids-centred environments at kindergardens or pre-schools.
- Define the role of teachers in the Reggio-Emilia Approach,
- Find out the ways of involving parents into the school system,
- Providing preschool pupils endless ways and opportunities to express themselves

4th day:
- Combination of Reggio-Emilia Approach and Project-based curriculum
-Project-based curriculum, lessons are based on the interest of the students
- Encourage children to be more independent and inclined towards self-learning,
-Monitoring the activities that will develop student centered learning

5th day:
-Have an idea about how to design s pre-school environment depending on Reggio-Emilia Approach in order to reach the children’s personal features and develop them
-Identify the different ways of self expression
- Understand various assessment ways used in the schools using this philisophy
-Final evaluation- self assessment
-Verification of learning outcomes and certification ceremony
-Planning future cooperation

A mobility opportunity offer

Opportunity type
Job shadowing
Host type
Country (languages)
Italy (EN)

Contact organisation


Hello. We are a children's center in a city in southern Spain, Huelva. Our center is innovative and uses a constructivist methodology. We would be interested in visiting your center. And also, if you want to visit ours. I'm waiting for your answer. Greetings

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Hi. I am a kindergarten teacher in a town in Huelva (Spain). Our center develops a project-based methodology and constructivist literacy. We would like to visit your center and visit ours in order to exchange experiences. Greetings

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Posted by lidia sarti

We are a kindergarden and primary school in Valencia (Spain). In our center we use innovative pedagogies such as project work, the use of new technologies and we attach great importance to the interaction and coexistence among our students. We work within the framework of learning communities where volunteering and community engagement is an important part of our system. We would be interested in making a visit to other centres within the K1 project. We are also willing to visit our school. You can contact us at: Waiting for your answer Thanks for all

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We are a kindergarten in Heraklion, Crete. (Greece). Our teachers are specialized in experiential learning through the arts as well as special education. Our activities are focused on motivating our students, animating and shaping the right pedagogical atmosphere so that the school can function in the most vulnerable groups of children (refugees, children with disabilities and children from low-income backgrounds). We have good experience in Erasmus programs since in recent years we have completed two Erasmus programs KA 1 and one KA 2. We are eager to work together to share good practices and feed back our teachers. We would like to visit other schools for Job Shadowing and we welcome you to our school respectively. If you are interested in working with us, please contact me at the following mail Jeny Papagiannaki Headteacher of 12 Nipiagogio Heraklion Crete

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Our school is CEIP Martínez Valls from Ontinyent, it is near Valencia in the East of Spain. Our students are from 2 to 12 years old. We are really interested in visiting your school applying a KA101 Erasmus Project, we need your answer as soon as possible because the deadline to submit it is in two weeks. You could even visit us and we could start an exchange learning experience. Please contact us at Hope to hear from you soon Kind regards

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Posted by Jennie Paterson

Hi I run a unit for autistic children within a mainstream primary school. The children have specialist teaching but also access mainstream classes. We use a continuous provision approach alongside directed teaching of skills. I am interested in finding out ore about the child centred approach of Reggio Emilia as I have explored using natural resources and coming alongside children in their learning, but would love o see how this is implemented as a whole school approach.

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Posted by Ana Calero Monereo

Hello, we’re a school in Andalucía, the South of Spain. Here you can see our website We’ve got anK1 in process and we’re ver y interesting on regio Emília methology. We were very kind if we can go for a jobshadowing in the next dates. My email address is Best regards, Ana

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Hello. My name is Eleni and I am a preschool teacher in Greece. I am really interested in visiting your school for job shadowing in terms of KA1. I would really like to see your methods and experience your educational practices. My email address is

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Dear Sir or Madam, we are a State Kindergarten from Greece and for the first time we are applying on ERASMUS+ program and we are looking for a partner. Our school is based on modern pedagogical method in tutoring. There are 5 experts in our school from multiple areas of special education. we are really interested in job shadowing, seminars and partnership especially in Art lessons Please get in touch with us up to 1/2/2020 we really look forward to hearing from you soon Paola Vakinti ( Giota Stavropoulou ( Σύνταξη: KA1 + KA2

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Hi there, my name is Jose Manuel Silva, I am the billingual coodinator at Alvar Nuñez High School in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. I am interested in visiting your school for observation (job shadowing), and to learn about new methodologies, or skills that I could implement into my school. We are involved in an Erasmus K1 project called ´´Looking towards Europe´´. We are also interested in partners to collaborate with in the future. I am flexible during the year however, I would prefer to come at the end of September or early October. To contact me my email is I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Jose Manuel.

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Posted by Angéla Bodnár

Hello! My name is Angela Bodnar, I am the contact person of Tyukodi Csodák Világa Óvoda ( in English : World of Wonders Nursery School in Tyukod) in Hungary ). We are going to take part in a KA229 project from 1. September 2020. We would like to be your partner if you think so and cooperate with you in job shadowing into each other’s country. Tyukod is a small village in the north-eastern part of Hungary near the border of Ukraine and Romania. The Nursery School here has got about 80 children aged 3-6 and the nursery school teachers ( 6 persons ) would like to visit your institute to get experiences from your good practise, to get acquanted with your educational system, your culture, your traditions and everything regarding to your every day activities at your nursery school or primary school. At the nursery school in Tyukod teachers try to keep the traditions alive (folk dance, folk music, traditional activities from the past) and take care of environmental awareness, so they try to teach their children in the spirituality of these aims. If you are ready to welcome us at your institute with sincerely, we would be very happy and grateful to travel to you for 4-5 days from November 2020. any time when it is suitable for you . We also are ready to host you in our nursery school. It is small but very friendly and familiar and you know that the Hungarian hospitability is famous! Please contact me : ( The first address is mine, it would be better to use, but the other one is also OK – it is the Nursery’s )

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