Teaching Science, Art and Music without Text books

Published: 03.02.2019

Our school is a Pre-Primary and Primary Bilingual school with around 800 pupils (3-12 years old) and 56 teachers. We have an ASD classroom and kids from different countries and ethnic groups. At the moment we are involved in an STEM project and for many years we have been involved in different EUROPEAN projects. Last KA219 has been completed in 2018. We have lot of experience working with partners and schools from different European countries. We are teaching Science in Grade 1 and 2 without text-books and it is been a very challenging and motivating experience for teachers and students. We are very interested in innovative teaching approaches and methods so we would like to find schools that work in the same way to have a job shadowing experience specially in Finland , Ireland, England and Norway. We can also offer our experience for job shadowing too. We also have a project in Art and Music where children learn about artists, art techniques, and musical instruments every year, encouraging their creativity. We do not use a text book either. We are also interested in job shadowing covering this way of approaching this subjects using innovative methodologies.

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Job shadowing
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Denmark (EN)
01.10.2019 » 30.06.2020

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