Job shadowing offer in Primary school in Croatia

Published: 23.12.2021

Job shadowing offer in Primary school in Croatia

Hi everybody!
We are an Erasmus+ accredited primary school from Rovinj, Croatia with about 650 pupils age 7-154 and about 60 teachers. We have a lot of experience in cooperating with schools within Erasmus+ projects and until now we have been involved in 11 Erasmus projects, 5 KA1 and 6 KA2, both as partners and as coordinators.

We have been for a job shadowing experience in other EU schools so we know that this kind of activity gives the best insight in educational systems, teaching methods and strength collaboration.

This is why we are offering teachers from European school the possibility to join us and learn from our motivated teachers and take part in a job shadowing experience in our beautiful town of Rovinj, on the west coast in Croatia. You can choose between primary class teachers, art, biology, Italian, English and ICT teacher.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further question about job shadowing opportunity. Main themes of our previous projects were outdoor learning, ICT in teaching, innovation in teaching, cultural heritage topics learned in a in a creative way and project management, including writing the application for Erasmus accreditation.

We prepared invitation letters and Practical arrangement document to make your mobility easy to plan as well as a set of evaluation documents needed to evaluate your mobility period.

We are looking forward to giving our school a kind of international experience hosting teachers from other European countries and our pupils to get the best possible opportunity to learn from native speakers about cultural similarities and differences among EU countries.

Feel free to contact me as a school coordinator on

Samanta Matejčić Čotar
Primary school Juraj Dobrila Rovinj

A mobility opportunity offer

Opportunity type
Job shadowing
Host type
Direct host
Country (languages)
Croatia (EN; HR; IT; SL)
01.12.2021 » 31.12.2027

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Posted by Renata Dolega

Hello, we are a lower secondary school (11-14 years old students) located in Brescia, north Italy. We are preparing a KA1 proposal for Feb. 2019 deadline. We are available for reciprocal job shadowing in the areas of inclusive education, innovative methodologies for didactics and intercultural learning. We have students with disabilities, educational difficulties, social disadvantages and migrant background. As hosting school, we can exchange our experience and good practices in inclusion of students with special educational needs and learning disorders. During the job shadowing abroad, we would like to reinforce our competences in intercultural learning and real inclusion of students with migrant background. If you are interested in reciprocal collaboration with us, please, contact me at Thank you and best regards. Renata

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Hello, we are a primary school (5-12 years old students) located in Torrejón de Ardoz, East Madrid, Spain. We are preparing a KA1 proposal for Easter 2020. If you are interested in hosting us, please, contact me at Thank you and best regards. Paloma

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Posted by Iwona Wilk

Hello there, I'm an English teacher and a deputy headteacher. I represent a primary school (students aged 7-15) from Radom, Poland. We have some experience in Erasmus+ and Comenius projects, currently looking for partners for job shadowing under KA101 and later on for KA102 partnership. We're thinking of the areas of teaching languages, ICT, citizenship, but we're open to new ideas, too. We have a number of dedicated teachers seriously interested in cooperation, learning and development. Best regards, Iwona Wilk My email address:

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Posted by Anna Rita Semeraro

hello I am an italian teacher. My comprehnsive school is in Puglia. We have an Erasmus KA1 and KA2. We are applying for a new KA1 project and we are looking for school where it is possible to share a job-shadowing experience too. Our students study English and French. They take a lot of Cambridge and Delf exams and we also use Clil methodology.

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Hello, we’re a small village school in Xeresa(Valencia) with students from 3 to 12. I’m Anabel, the English teacher.We develop different programs ( learning communities, innovation projects, language assistants,ong’s collaboration...). We’re also applying now for a KA1 (2019-2020) related to ICT, INCLUSION, AND NEW METHODOLOGIES, so that we’re looking for future partners. If you’re are able to host us, just let me know.

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Posted by Brasero Frank

Hola, somos un centro bilingüe en Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid (Spain). Estamos iniciando un proyecto Erasmus para hacer K1 en otros centros de otros países. Estamos interesados en metodos de enseñanza bilingüe en inglés, proyectos de juego en el patio y metodos innovadoras de enseñanza. Actualmente hemos iniciamos un proyecto de matemáticas en nuestro cole en Primaria. También estamos interesados en estrategias de enseñanza a través de yoga y meditación, control del estrés en el aula y metodologías alternativas (Montessori, Waldrof, Reggio Emilia...) Estamos interesados en visitar sus centros y observar el sintema de trabajo de sus profesionales. Esperamos respuesta a (Frank y Rebeca) Gracias.

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Posted by Alejandro Esteban

Hi there! We are a primary school located on the outskirts of Madrid (Torrejón de Ardoz), Spain. We are enthusiastic teachers who are looking forwars having a KA1 Project. We have a wide expertise and experience in bilingual projects as well as in CLIL programs. If you are interested in hosting us, please do contact us at Thank you in advance!

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Hello! I'm a primary English teacher in a town in the south of Valencia, Spain. We are looking for a job shadowing partner for teaching CLIL (arts and crafts mainly). Our school is running several projects such as the library, English at infant school and maths. We are interested in visiting your school for the next school year (2019/2020). If you are interested in hosting us, please get in touch:

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Posted by Ewa Sroka

Hallo, We are 5 teachers from primary school in Poland. We've never had an experience with KA1 before so it would be great if could guide us. We are looking for partners to complete the KA1 project. We are interested in job shadowing at your school and in student exchange in the future. My mail:

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Hello, we are a school in the south of Spain (almost 700 students from 3 to 12 years). We are planning our first Erasmus project KA1 about how to introduce ICTs in the curriculum and the implementation of active methodologies in the classroom to attend our students’ needs. We are interesting in job shadowing in your school. My email is:

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We are a school that receives institutionalized students, students who drag a very heavy load: abandonment, rejection, abuses, fears... and that cause behavioral, relationship and learning problems. It is very difficult to understand what they live, understand that our deepest feelings, those who join us to our father and our mother are broken by situations so alien...drugs, jail, prostitution, abuse ..We try to accompany them in their process of acceptance and learning, from school we build bridges of affectivity, understanding, work that are not always understood by them. We can not expect gratitude. They are angry and hurt Nosotros formamos parte de un colegio que recibe alumnado institucionalizado, alumnos y alumnas que arrastran una carga muy pesada: abandono, rechazo, abusos, miedos...y que ocasionan problemas conductuales, de relación y de aprendizaje. Es muy difícil comprender lo que ellos viven, comprender que nuestros lazos más profundos, los que nos unen a nuestro padre y nuestra madre se rompen por situaciones tan ajenas...drogas, cárcel, prostitución, maltrato... Nosotros intentamos acompañarlos en su proceso de aceptación y de aprendizaje, desde el colegio tendemos puentes de afectividad, comprensión, de trabajo que no siempre son entendidos por ellos. No podemos esperar gratitud. También se aprende a dar las gracias y a ellos nadie les enseñó. Están enfadados y dolidos. ¿Por qué queremos buscar socios? Porque necesitamos ayuda porque queremos saber qué se hace en otros países europeos,queremos conocer los recursos con los que cuentan, las acciones que llevan a cabo para incluir a este alumnado en el sistema educativo y en la vida. Queremos ayudar, también, al alumnado que les acompaña, a esos niñas y niños con familias estructuradas a quienes les cuesta comprender cierto tipo de respuestas que da el alumnado institucionalizado. En definitiva, queremos trabajar junto a ellos la inteligencia emocional, hacerlos crecer y sentirlos un poco más felices.

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Posted by Gilda Acone

Hi, your project is really interesting. My name is Gilda Acone and I am a Italian teacher. My school is ICS Giampietro Romano, in Torre del Greco near Naples. In our school there are about 1000 students aged 3 - 13. We would like our pupils, who like learning English, to be better and better. With the key staff, I'm writing the application for Erasmus + K101 We are looking for some Erasmus partners for primary and secondary school for job shadowing. We would like to compare our teaching methods with those of other Countries to improve our skills and increase the motivation of teachers and students. We'd like to see how you show your project to your students so to share our experiences My contact is

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Posted by Małgorzata Popko

Hi! I found your offer really tempting. I'm an English teacher at a primary school in Bialystok, Poland. If possible, this would be my first job shadowing task. I'm motivated and creative. I hope to learn from your motivated teachers as well as share my experience with them. Do not hesitate to contact me:

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Posted by Armando Carmona

Hello, my name is Armando. I come from a Spanish village called Bormujos (Seville). We are really interested in your idea for this KA2 project. I am an English and Head teacher of our Primary School. There are about 650 pupils at our School aged 3 to 11. Our idea is a job shadowing about innovative and intercultural methodologies. We found your project very interesting and would like to participate in it.

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Posted by Marta Ten

My name is Marta Ten, I work in a Spanish School, "La Salle School" in Valencia city. We are very interested in participating in your Erasmus Plus project, we have already participated in two Comenius Projects. We would love to participate in this fantastic experience! We are from Valencia, it is a big school and we have a lot of experience in this kind of projects. We could talk on Skype about the project if you agree. Please let us know if you are interested in us joining your project. Thank you very much! Marta

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Posted by Lenka Motlová

Our mobility Erasmus+ KA1 was perfectly organized. All our questions were answered and the job-shadowing was without any problems. The teachers are a good team, very friendly and helpful. The school has a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. They have a school canteen and a very nice school library. The town of Rovinj is wonderful. We recommend the job-shadowing at this school. ZŠ Volyně, the Czech Republic

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Posted by Minela Omerovič

Hi, I am looking for job shadowing opportunities for me and my colleagues. Our city is important for its history and also its natural beauty. We would like to make an Erasmus project for the staff mobility. We are interested in exchanging experience, knowledge and culture. Warm greetings from Skopje, North of Macedonia

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Posted by Danuta Naglak

Hello, We are a school and kindergarten team in Gdańsk. This is a historic city in Poland, the cradle of Solidarity. In our school, we have preschool groups of 5-6 years and students aged 7-15. For two years, our students have been learning Chinese as a foreign language from the first grade, in addition to English. As a school, we also have students with disabilities, educational difficulties and migration background. Due to the fact that we live on the Baltic Sea, we try to implement maritime education, and carry out formative assessment on a daily basis. We would like to enrich our teaching practice in 2021 by job shadowing to learn and improve our work. We are looking for schools that would like to host our small team of 2 teachers to enable us to learn based on your best practices. We also want to learn new teaching methods, methodologies and learning techniques to enrich ourselves personally and professionally. My email contact is Thank you and best regards.

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Posted by Sümeyye Eryılmaz

Hello ! We are a multicultural primary school in Ankara/ TURKEY. We need a foreign partner for our KA1 project. Our project is about inclusive education by using various activities such as drama, music and games. We want to make job-shadowing in your school to benefit from your experiences. Please contact us if you are interested in our project.

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Posted by Esra Beyhan

Hello, I am working as a teacher in turkey gaziantep kasgarli mahmut primary school. I am looking for institutions to be partners for the KA122-SCH project. The aim of our project is to prevent technology addiction, which is becoming more and more common among children, and to encourage the correct use of technology. The results we expect are the decrease in the number of students with technology addiction and an increase in course success as a result of learning the right technology use.Please contact us if you are interested in our project

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Posted by Büsra SEPICI

Hello from Anaz Secondary School, Sanliurfa (Turkey) We are a secondary school in Sanliurfa, which is a city famous for having the world's oldest-known temple called Gobekli Tepe. Anaz Secondary School is a village school located in a rural area near the city centre Haliliye, a large district in Sanliurfa Province. Please check out our school’s website via the link below: We are working on a KA121 SCH project about peer education for schools in villages. It is planned to take place in the next academic year. The project covers job-shadowing mobility for teachers. Our project aims at sharing cultural and educational experiences as well as broadening our future works for the following ERASMUS+ projects. Therefore, we are looking for hosting schools for job-shadowing around Europe to host our teachers for one week under our KA1 ERASMUS+ project. If you are interested in being a host for our teachers, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you in advance, Busra SEPICI (English Language Teacher)

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Posted by özden yalçın

Hello, we are a primary school in the city of Turkey-Konya.. We would like to take part in your project. Our school provides education in the age group of 6-11. Our school is located in an important historical and cultural position.

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Hello! We are a small one-lined Infant and Primary Bilingual school, with a young and eager-to-learn teaching staff. The school is now developing a new Digital Plan along with our first KA-1 Erasmus + project. We are looking for a job shadowing experience to join and learn from other EU schools, so it would be amazing to visit your school. I think our schools are focusing on the same themes: promoting ICT, Linguistic competences and innovation, and visiting you would give our teachers the opportunity to learn from other culture and methodologies. If you are interested, please contact us: or

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