AGORA: Selflearning with Chromebooks

Published: 21.08.2020

Agora refers to 'the (market) square', a traditional learning place in Greek antiquity.
Just as different traders come together at a market, different subjects come together under the same roof in the Agoraklas, with the same idea. Ideally, the interactive aspect of the classroom better reflects the structure of the broad society in which the pupils take their place later.
The Agorakla logo is also inspired by this principle. The first letter of the word Agora is represented in it as the 'roof' of the market. The square symbolizes the solidarity, one of the four pillars of the Agora class. Agora (and the roof) tries to ensure that solidarity between subjects, pupils, parents and teachers. Learning pleasure, ownership and critical thinking complete the four principles on which the project is based.
Inspired by the educational concept, this group of teachers started to put this method into practice.
Pedagogical renewal (including flipping the classroom) often requires an adaptation of the infrastructure, and in the atheneum of Geraardsbergen, education and physical support go hand in hand. That is why we are working hard on our own site for the Agoraklas in the atheneum. This inspiring learning environment should give pupils and teachers the opportunity to test new methodologies. The school commits to long-term quality by giving the teachers the opportunity to start new projects. This "building" will offer the teachers the opportunity to act more as coach / supervisor and expert instead of the traditional teacher who teaches head-on. The adapted layout of the building will also allow innovative didactics, the instruction room will be separated by a glass wall from the other large space, which in turn is divided into several

On the one hand our Agora principle works on the independence of the pupils, what their chances of success in higher education
benefits. On the other hand, they will once again become owners of their learning process, which will lead to more motivation and well-being. '
The learning process is once again in the hands of the pupils (ownership), they decide for themselves how they organize their week. The pupils at the start of the week a weekly schedule with the tasks and assignments they need to complete by the end of the week. The use of chromebooks (Google for Education) can no longer be ignored here.

With this innovative way of teaching, we also want to inspire and persuade other teachers to include this in other teaching practices and courses.

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Posted by Mayte Pérez

Hi from Spain. We are interested in your innovative way of teaching and we think it will be very positive for us because we are learning how to teach through projects in which students control the process of learning. Besides, we are involved in an important project to improve the use of new technologies in class. Finally, we are also involved in the preparation of the Erasmus+project. If you are interested, please contact me :

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Hello. We are a school from the northwest of Spain, in Galicia. Our school is currently developing a project about the use of ICT in the classroom and its substituting for the traditional textbooks, and we are also interested in inclusive classrooms and how to deal with students with special educational needs. We would be very interested in sending a teacher to your school to do job shadowing about any of the activities before described. The observation period would be between September 2019 and April 2021. If that would be possible, please contact us in the following address. Thank you very much in advance for your attention.

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Hello from Tenerife, Spain. It sounds really interesting your project. We are also including use of itc in our lessons(flipped classroom, use of chrome books, use of Google tools, virtual lessons, etc) we are becoming soon a certificated Google school. Many teachers have already Google level one and some other level two. We have an enthusiastic team and we would like to join a ka1. If you are interested :

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Posted by Ráczné Anikó

Dear Mr Ried, We are a primary and secondary school in Székesfehérvár. It is a historical city in Hungary. We are working in an Erasmus+ KA1 project and we are looking for schools interested in hosting us to do job shadowing. Our school has got children between 7 and 18. Our pedagogy is focused on recognising and developing talented children in Mathematics, Science, Robotics and languages. We want to learn new ways of teaching, methodologies and learning techniques to enrich our professionally. You can find our school in our website: If you are interested in hosting a small group of our teachers, please contact me through this email:

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Hallo, We are small school from Serbia and looking for job shadowing. I will send you a mail. My contact is Best regards, Olivera

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Hello, I am an English Language teacher at 17th Lyceum of Athens, in the centre of Athens, Greece. Our students are 16-18 years old. We do Erasmus, eTwinning, PBL, Flipped learning, CLIL, Drama etc. We are interested in creative and motivating approaches to teaching-learning and would love to exchange experiences with colleagues from other countries. If you feel we could cooperate in any way please feel free to contact me at Have a great school year. Regards Elen Soti

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Posted by Stergios Tsourekas

Hello from Greece. We are a High School located near the center of Athens. Our students oare 16-18 years old. We are planning a KA2 project which is very near to yours way of thinking. It would be great if we could be partners in this project. At the end of this message i will send you a description of the program. In any case we are also interested in visiting your school. My name is Stergios Tsourekas and i am the subdirector of the school. I hope that we can have a mutual produactive cooperation. My erasmus mail is ------------- Our KA201 Project is "Break the barriers of classroom" or something like that. The learning needs of the students in our school gave birth to the idea of initiating the E.C.D.T. project.We want to make education more attractive and innovative by breaking away from the traditional way of teaching, introducing digital techology and applying innovative teaching approaches such as the Flipped Classroom.We wish to remove time and place restrictions between teachers and students.It is obvious to us that the need for an innovative way to address learning needs , motivate students and tackle dropping out is a concern for all European schools. If we were to describe our project in two words ,that would be "stop teaching",meaning the teacher now becomes the facilitator of learning,who reviews the way and the means by which problems are given to learners to solve.

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Posted by Silvia Pérez

We are a group of teachers who would like to carry out a KA101 job shadowing Project about playgrounds. Our school, CEIP Ramón Otero Pedrayo, is located in a rural area in the northwest of Spain, a few kilometers away from Santiago de Compostela, where the “camino” ends. There are 600 students from pre primary and primary (3 to 12 years old). We are going to carry out a Erasmus KA101 project promoting inclusive and dynamic schoolyards. Our aim is to do a job shadow to observe schoolyards and other areas to get to know about your work methodology and observe your leisure areas and schoolyards At the same time you are welcome to come and visit our school and be part of it during your stay. We are looking forward to hearing from you. My email is

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Hi, I am very interested in your proposal and I think we share similar objectives. I would like to go at your School for jobshadowing and learning about you. My name is Álvaro and I am a Primary teacher. I work for projects (PBL) with my students and integrate ICT exponentially in them. I have the title of "Apple Teacher" and I am "Google Certified Teacher" (Level 2). You can follow my work through the blog: If you are interested you can write to Thank you.

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Hi, I am very interested in your proposal and I think we share similar objectives. I would like to go at your School for jobshadowing and learning about you. My name is Álvaro and I am a Primary teacher. I work for projects (PBL) with my students and integrate ICT exponentially in them. I have the title of "Apple Teacher" and I am "Google Certified Teacher" (Level 2). You can follow my work through the blog: If you are interested you can write to Thank you. Sorry, my blog address was wrong: It is Thank you again

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