Technology changing music education


INTO SCHOOL brings technology-supported music and film production into K-12 education, inspiring children to a creative journey from an original idea to a finished work. This holistic, cross-curricular and phenomenon-based learning approach creates opportunities for more versatile music and arts education in diverse learning environments.

The concept has been developed in Finland, where it is known as Ihan oma juttu, and aims to narrow the gap between art, science and technology. It provides equal opportunities for everyone to create music, and to take part in creative processes, expressing themselves through music and the arts.

"Modern technology has opened up new possibilities in teaching as well as learning music and arts. For example, earlier musical background or mastering traditional instruments is not needed any more," says Tuomas Hiedanniemi, Head of Pedagogy of INTO SCHOOL.

INTO SCHOOL consists of two parts: a complete teachers' training programme combining on-site learning and e-learning; and creative projects for children in kindergartens and schools.

During the training, teachers take part not only in online learning, but also in practical workshops, which offer them concrete tools and the confidence to use new teaching methods utilising the latest technology.

The project also gets to highlight copyright issues and authors' rights to a number of communities and families within the EU, in a natural and positive way: children making their own transversal creations offer a great example of creative ownership and cultural property.

At present, INTO SCHOOL is successfully running in dozens of municipalities and from kindergartens to high schools across Finland. It has already aroused great interest in the field of education worldwide, and is supported by various foundations as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

For more information, visit the dedicated page at the hundrED website or contact the project founders. You can also read about it on its Instagram or Facebook pages.

Written by: Kari Saarilahti, INTO SCHOOL.