SELFIE: supporting schools with the uptake of digital technologies

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In October a new self-assessment tool for schools on the use of technology for teaching and learning was tested in 650 primary and secondary schools in 14 countries. The SELFIE tool consists of a series of reflection questions and statements for students, teachers and school leaders on how digital technologies are used in their school.

The questionnaire takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete; each school can customise it and add questions to suit its own context. From it, a school receives a detailed report with data and insights which highlights strengths of technology use and areas for improvement. The report can be used to kickstart a conversation about digital technology use for teaching and learning and build an action plan for improvement. All data collected is anonymous and the school report is only for that school and is not shared.

The feedback on the tool from the pilot schools was overwhelmingly positive. Schools and national coordinators gave great input and ideas on how to simplify and further improve SELFIE. A full version of the tool will be made available in all EU languages by the end of the year.

SELFIE has been developed by the European Commission working with a team of experts from across Europe. SELFIE stands for ‘Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering Innovation through Educational technologies’ and is based on the European Framework for Digitally Competent Organisations. The countries involved in its testing were Belgium (Flanders), Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Spain, UK (Northern Ireland) as well as Serbia, Georgia, and Russia.

Closely linked to SELFIE is the new European framework on the digital competences of teachers. This framework maps the competences that teachers or a team of teachers need to develop for teaching in the digital age. The aim is also to create a self-assessment tool for teachers to gauge for themselves where they are at with digital competences and where training and further support might be useful.

Read more about SELFIE on the EU Science Hub and on Twitter at #SELFIE_EU. For more background on the tool, you can refer to our previous article, New SELFIE assessment tool for digital technologies in schools.