What the educational world thinks about pathways to school success: read the results of the consultation

School success needs long-term, systemic and inclusive policies, according to consultation on the new initiative Pathways to School Success.

During 2021 the European Commission conducted a series of consultation activities in order to develop a common vision for a new initiative under the European Education Area, Pathways to School Success.

The aim is to promote better educational outcomes of young Europeans: raising the level of proficiency in basic skills, having fewer young people who leave education without at least an upper secondary qualification, and focusing on well-being and mental health at school.

Between May and September 2021, the European Commission organised online workshops with representatives from Member States and organisations active in the field of education, researchers and practitioners. From June to September, a public consultation was also open to hear everyone’s views and priorities.

The consultation was an opportunity to identify obstacles hindering some learners. For example, it confirmed learners’ socio-economic background and the support they can get at home as factors of crucial importance for school success, and pointed to possible measures to address these challenges. A majority of respondents highlighted the need for long-term and systemic policies, based on a broad and inclusive vision of school success. This includes combining actions at system level (such as access for all children to high-quality, affordable and adequately staffed early childhood education and care) and at a school level, with a strong focus on promoting a whole-school approach.

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The results of the consultation will inform a proposal for a Council Recommendation on Pathways to School Success that the Commission will adopt in early 2022.