New online courses on Teacher Academy: Dealing with the challenges of today

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The Teacher Academy enables teachers to access relevant online and on-site professional development activities on the online platform School Education Gateway. New online courses will become available this autumn.

The Teacher Academy’s first online course, Project-Based Learning in your Classroom, came to a successful end in July with more than 3,500 registered teachers from across Europe and reaching an impressive completion rate of 35% – as opposed to the typical MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) completion rate of 6-15% (Jordan 2014, pp. 133-160).

To have a look at the engaging discussions among participants, visit the course Facebook group, or the course hashtag on Twitter #PBLcourse. Get inspired also by this exemplary Learning Diary and Learning Design or browse the collection of Learning Diaries and Learning Designs created as part of the course.

New online courses will run on the Teacher Academy in the coming months. The courses are entirely free and are organised as MOOCs, allowing anyone from anywhere to join. Which one will you take?

Cultural Diversity in your Classroom

Duration: 3 weeks – starts on 12 September

The course offers teachers an opportunity to access useful resources and exchange with peers on the challenging topic of cultural diversity in classrooms. The course will be relevant to any teacher working in a culturally diverse environment or interested in developing students’ cultural awareness and expression. Read more here.

Competences for 21st Century Schools

Duration: 4 weeks – starts on 19 September

This course is intended for teachers and other education professionals interested in competence-based education. The course aims to provide you with a thorough introduction to the topic, as well as making you aware of the issues and challenges related to making competence-based education a reality in the classroom. Read more here.

Moving to Maths 2.0

Duration: 4 weeks – starts on 17 October

Mathematics is perceived by many young people as a difficult subject. At the same time, in a world awash with quantitative data, the understanding and application of mathematical concepts is becoming increasingly important. The course focuses on the development of collaborative projects in maths and other subjects using mathematical concepts. Read more here.

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