Let’s get active at school! New healthy lifestyle initiatives

Image: European Commission

A new school challenge by the European Commission and a toolkit by UNESCO put physical education and healthy lifestyles in the spotlight.

Join the Good Energy 4 Schools challenge!

The European Commission challenges you to share your ideas and actions to get Good Energy 4 Schools as part of the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative. You can do so by simply leaving a comment below this article, or by filling in your pledge, which will then be added to the pledge list page. For example, maybe you’ve found a new way to make children move more and sit less? Or teach trigonometry using rhythm?

The education community has already showcased its amazing work in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Get inspired by the Walk Around the Earth project by the 2020 #BeActive Education Awards winner from Zagreb, or the Munich-based Sport and Gartenzaum.

HealthyLifestyle4All is a two-year initiative that aims to link sport and active lifestyles with health, food, and various other policies.

Policy Advocacy Toolkit for Youth to ensure Quality Physical Education

Quality Physical Education (QPE) fuses the physical, mental and psycho-social learning domains. UNESCO recently released three publications on it, the QPE Policy Advocacy Toolkit for Youth, the QPE Policy Brief and the QPE Analysis of process, content and impact. Each publication combines insights from UNESCO’s global survey, findings from national implementation, and stakeholder testimonials.

The Advocacy Toolkit, developed in collaboration with 21 young leaders from 18 countries, helps young people to advocate for and effectively contribute to the development of QPE policy. The content includes case study examples, practical checklists to guide action, key definitions, and tips.

QPE helps to address the crises that COVID-19 has exacerbated – physical inactivity, mental health issues, and inequality – which is why it is a core component of UNESCO’s new sport-based initiative Fit for Life.