Learning for environmental sustainability: a new proposal for a Council Recommendation

Today the European Commission published a proposal for a Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability.

About the proposal

The aim of the proposal is to support European Union Member States in equipping learners with knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to act on sustainability, climate change and biodiversity loss.

The proposal calls on Member States to:

  • provide learners of all ages with access to high-quality and inclusive education and training on climate change, biodiversity and sustainability;
  • establish learning for environmental sustainability as a priority area in education and training policies and programmes;
  • invest in green and sustainable equipment, resources, buildings and grounds for learning, socialising and recreation;
  • encourage and support whole-institution approaches to sustainability including planning and governance, active involvement of students and staff, management of buildings and resources, and partnerships with local and wider communities;
  • mobilise national and EU funds for investment in infrastructure, training, tools and resources to increase preparedness for the green transition.

Negotiations on the proposal with EU Member States will begin shortly with the objective of reaching an agreement before 30 June 2022.

Following that, the Commission will support the implementation of the future Council Recommendation through the Erasmus+ programme and foster cooperation between Member States, stakeholders and partner countries.

Accompanying documents

The proposal is accompanied by:

The competence framework maps out the competences needed for the green transition, including critical thinking, initiative-taking, respecting nature and understanding the interconnections between the environment, society and the economy.

The Commission also carried out a study mapping approaches to learning for sustainability in Member States, which served as input for the proposal.