Professional development opportunities for improving teaching through action research

Image: VectorMine / Adobe Stock

The School Education Gateway’s Teacher Academy and eTwinning are offering a series of professional development opportunities throughout 2022 in relation to action research. Action research is a methodology that teachers can use to investigate an area of interest related to their profession by simply answering the question ‘How can I improve what I am doing?’

Experimental online course

Earlier this year, our platform piloted an experimental online course on action research with 50 participants. This course aimed to explore the challenges teachers face when implementing action research in their classrooms, and support them in applying action research in practice. The extended course format (February-May 2022) allowed participants to go beyond the usual designing and planning stage of Teacher Academy online courses, offering a framework for the guided implementation, evaluation, and write-up of participants’ experiences.

Self-study module

Based on the experiences from this pilot course, and hoping to build on the work of the 50 course participants who implemented action research in their schools, we are launching a self-study module in September. This module will provide guidance to any classroom practitioner who wants to implement a classroom-based action research project.

Webinar series

Finally, we are organising a webinar series on this topic that will be released at the end of September. This series will explore how action research can be implemented in eTwinning projects.

If you want to learn more about this systematic professional methodology and improve your practice by undertaking a small, powerful action research project in your classroom, keep an eye out for these professional development opportunities!