Exchange of practice to support integration of newly arrived migrants in schools

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Schooling is a fundamental part of integrating newly arrived migrant children, and schools and teachers therefore have an important role to play in supporting these children. Teachers’ professional skills and intercultural competencies are a key for coping with the requirements. Online exchange of good practices can support teachers in handling the challenge.

eTwinning group for teachers of newly arrived migrant children

How to integrate children of newly arrived migrants at school in the best possible way? What challenges does it bring and how can they be tackled? Which educational approaches have proved useful? A recently launched eTwinning online group wants to encourage mutual support and exchange of practices among teachers and school leaders faced with these and similar questions. The group will also explore ways of using eTwinning projects and exchange programmes to encourage tolerant behaviour and intercultural dialogue. The online group is run in German and it’s open to all teachers registered on eTwinning. If you are new to eTwinning, find more information here.

Preparatory classes for successful integration

Another example of good practice comes from the Schiller Gymnasium in Cologne, Germany. Up to 100 newly arrived migrant children have already benefited from the school’s introductory classes, which prepare them to join mainstream education. Discover in this video how newly arrived children can be welcomed at school.

Migration – Integration: Schule gestaltet Vielfalt | School Manages Diversity! from Pädagogischer Austauschdienst on Vimeo.

Coming up! Online course on supporting cultural diversity

If you are interested in this topic and working in a culturally diverse environment, don’t miss this course: School Education Gateway’s Teacher Academy is providing a free 4-week online course “Cultural Diversity in Your Classroom” starting on 12 September. Sign up here!