European Day of Languages at the service of youth

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European Day of Languages (#EDLangs) on 26 September is well established as a yearly opportunity to raise awareness of Europe’s rich linguistic and cultural diversity. Read on to discover ways to celebrate the day with us.

#EDLangs main event 26 September, 12–14h CEST (online)

The main event will take you on a journey from Sweden to Portugal and from Estonia to Spain to discuss language-aware schools and how multilingual classrooms foster inclusion, solidarity, and the ‘Pathways to School Success’ initiative. Moreover, in light of the large number of displaced Ukrainian children, the event will facilitate discussions on the language learning support provided to them and their families and efforts to include them in education systems.

You can also join the many local events in the Member States.

The European Day of Languages was jointly established in 2001 by the European Commission and the Council of Europe. It strives to broaden the spectrum of languages that people learn throughout their lives to improve plurilingualism and intercultural understanding. Numerous events are organised across Europe, with the participation of language and cultural institutes, associations, universities, and schools.

Engaging young Europeans to share their vision

In 2022, celebrations around language learning also go hand in hand with the European Year of Youth. #EYY2022 focuses on the importance of European youth to build a better future and supports them in defending and promoting freedom, values, and solidarity by providing opportunities to share their vision, meet people, and engage in activities all over Europe. 

The Voice your Vision platform is an innovative digital tool that was launched this year, which gives the young generation an opportunity to record their voice and share ideas and concerns on topics they are passionate about such as education, employment, digital and green transitions, European values, etc. Through the tool, their ‘voice’ can be heard by thousands of people and taken up at policy level.

Further information

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