What does coding mean for my teaching? Find out with EU Code Week!

Image: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock.com

Whether you want to learn coding, teach it to your students, or understand better why it is a growing phenomenon in education, EU Code Week has you covered! This year, it takes place from 6 to 21 October and comes with a brand new website for schools and teachers of all subjects.

This is now the sixth edition of EU Code Week, a grassroots initiative run by volunteers, which aims to demystify programming for all age groups.

Digital creativity is within everyone’s reach, the website claims: “Mark, who has the idea for a better social network, but can't build it on his own” as well as “Alice, who dreams about making robots because her parents don't allow her to have a cat.” Even if you have never coded before, have no fear: here you can find free training modules and plenty of guides and resources to get you started!

Are you ready to join Code Week? Then you can organise your own event: a lesson in your classroom, an open day, a conference with an expert, or a workshop for your colleagues. You can check out this toolkit or browse through your peers’ events for more ideas. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for Code Week and pin your event on the map; that will earn you a certificate of participation from the European Commission!

If you are feeling bold, you can also take part in the Code Week 4 All challenge to gain the Code Week Certificate of Excellence.

Whatever you decide on, you will find a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and coders-in-training at the #codeEU hashtag. The increasing popularity of coding has the potential to transform society and this is a great opportunity to learn it and have fun with it!