Erasmus+ programme: positive trends and empowering stories

Image: Getty Images

The Erasmus+ annual report 2017 was published in January this year, reporting on a year that saw a 13% overall budget increase and almost 800,000 participants benefiting from its many opportunities. It also marked the 30th round of the Erasmus+ Calls for Proposals, enabling teachers from all over Europe to share their learning experiences and adventures.

In 2017, funding for both Key Action 1 and Key Action 2 in the field of school education increased on the previous year, by 34% and 24% respectively. National Agencies from across Europe supported just under 3000 KA1 projects in school education staff mobility, allowing almost 32,000 participants to take part in job shadowing, structured courses, and training or teaching assignments abroad. Almost 1500 strategic partnerships for school education under KA2 involved over 240,000 participants.

Erasmus+ projects pushed teachers to improve the quality of education in their schools – for example by innovating curricula and didactics, introducing new digital competences, combatting early school leaving, and supporting multilingual classrooms. Teachers also had the chance to share their best professional development experiences with the campaign From Erasmus to Erasmus+, A Story of 30 Years.

“By interacting with people from different backgrounds, pupils gain new perspectives, become more open to new ways of thinking and learning,” observed Roberto Breeveld, teacher and eTwinning ambassador for the Netherlands.

And, according to German teacher Rosemarie Albrecht: “Knowing languages enables us to exercise our rights as EU citizens to freely move across the EU and choose a place to live and work. … Erasmus+ was a starting point for my professional development [in Portugal].”

School Education Gateway played its role by helping users to offer and discover relevant Erasmus+ opportunities with a vast open catalogue and a free online course, and also to be inspired by examples of good practices in school education projects.