eFamilies: involving families in eTwinning projects

Image: CEIP Carlos Ruiz

Involving families in the classroom is of utmost importance. If we combine the European and collaborative scopes provided by eTwinning, we can construct an unforgettable learning experience for our students. Below are three examples of Spanish schools that have involved families in the teaching and learning process through eTwinning.

Encarnación Ruiz Porras (primary school): Learning takes place through family collaboration and involvement in interactive groups. These groups are composed of four or five students from mixed classes and facilitated by a parent.

Parents are also the real authors behind many of the activities for the school’s eTwinning projects, such as those designed for Carnival, the International Day of Peace, and Christmas.

The customisation of classes encourages students to talk about school activities at home, as well as to show their families their work at school.

Carlos Ruiz (primary school): Schools and families should join hands for the sake of children’s education. This is key to showing students that collaboration can also exist between the two most important spheres of their lives: family and school.

The school’s eTwinning projects take families through a series of activities and experiences, such as voting, workshops and shared reading. Besides, the school regularly updates families on the project, thus creating links among the partner schools.

Bañaderos – Cipriano Acosta (secondary school): eTwinning provides families with useful information and helps them to discover things about their teenagers they may not know, such as their preferences, friends and hobbies.

On top of this, eTwinning makes it possible to share information about important issues like eSafety or digital identity: families will be able to see how their children work and which apps they use to do their homework, as well as which pages they visit.

Image: "Los Finaos", a traditional celebration on October 31. Families gather and tell each other stories of the family members long departed, ancestors of note, parents, grandparents and the occasional spooky ghost story.

This is why we believe that eTwinning projects are very much enhanced when they also become eFamily projects.

Andrés Sigüenza Valle, Mª Isabel Pérez González and Salvador Páez Rodríguez are eTwinning Ambassadors.