Education for Climate Coalition: supporting green initiatives in school education

With the launch of its new actions to tackle climate change, the European Commission will be supporting school education and invites teachers to share their initiatives.

What is the initiative?

The European Commission has launched the Education for Climate Coalition, a flagship initiative of the European Education Area. The Coalition aims to mobilise and engage the school education community in a true bottom-up movement to achieve climate neutrality.

The Coalition will seek to upscale and promote sustainability projects involving pupils and teachers. It will serve as a platform to share knowledge and experience and connect people involved in actions working towards climate neutrality.

The Coalition will support the creation, testing and implementation of innovative solutions in education at the EU level through concrete projects and initiatives. It will seek to centralise these efforts in the form of “pledges for actions” in five priority areas:

  • green skills development
  • teacher education
  • changes to citizen behaviour
  • the interaction between education and scientific research
  • awareness of issues

Education Climate Coalition

How can schools participate?

Schools that are already involved in climate action projects are invited to share their work and express their interest in taking part in this Coalition via this initial pledge. The survey will remain open until 31 January 2021.

What else is available on School Education Gateway?

You can watch this webinar on teaching about climate change, which took place during the Teacher Academy online course Addressing the Global Climate Crisis in Your Classroom. A selection of project plans for addressing the climate crisis in school lessons were produced by participants of the same online course. Look out for future courses in 2021!