Assessing transversal skills: European project results revealed

Image: George Rudy /

On 2 February 2018, GO!, CVO Antwerpen, and the ATS2020 consortium, led by Cyprus Pedagogical Institute Latsia, hosted a conference called ‘Developing 21st century skills’. This was the final event of an important project that has been running since 2015 and has been investigating the assessment of transversal skills – ATS2020.

ATS2020 is a comprehensive learning model supporting the development and assessment of students’ transversal skills, in the competence areas of information literacy, collaboration and communication, autonomous learning, and creativity and innovation. The project has developed and investigated:

  • A learning design process for the development of skills
  • Guidance for the incorporation of specific digital tools in the learning process
  • ‘My Learning Journal’ as a way of structuring and reflecting on the learning process
  • A methodology for the creation and assessment of ePortfolios
  • The use of blended formative assessment scaffolding tools (teacher, peer and self-assessment)

Its website contains a huge amount of resources, including videos from all countries on the impact of the project.My Learning Cycle

The conference enabled policymakers and other stakeholders to become more familiar with the work but also aimed to inspire leaders in schools by demonstrating to the participants how innovative teaching and learning practices can be introduced and embedded. Participants were able to listen to presentations from leading experts in school education, take part in workshops to experience the tools first-hand, and visit the stands of participating countries to better understand the implementation issues.

You can hear more about the experience of the conference and project participants – including the young students themselves – in this video: