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Videos and webinars for school and staff development

In this last newsletter of 2020, a collection of videos and webinars dedicated to school and staff development. 

See you next year with some big news! 

Online Event: Implementing Impactful and Scalable Online Teacher Professional Development

Educators have been forced to adapt and innovate their practices. Professional development programmes need to be redesigned.

School Education Gateway’s Teacher Academy presents a new online event on Wednesday 9 December, 14h CET. The event will give participants a unique insight into key findings from the Teacher Academy and other European initiatives, which aim to implement new and updated teacher professional development programmes organised online and in blended scenarios.

Teacher educators, policy makers, researchers – how can they support teachers to adapt and innovate new teaching approaches? Book your spot to participate and find out more

Additional info and agenda at the link.

European Toolkit for Schools – the webinar series

Equal chance to grow, to be happy, and to succeed in life.

The European Toolkit for Schools of the School Education Gateway helps schools to improve inclusion and prevent early school leaving. This special webinar series focussed on topics such as family participation in schools, inclusive inquiry, and indicators for inclusive systems.

Every Friday, for 3 weeks, educational experts shared their expertise with participants during live events.

If you missed any , you can still watch the recordings:

SEG YouTube channel – a new interface

We are happy to announce we have re-launched the YouTube channel with a new look!

Over the course of the past year, School Education Gateway has been working on bringing you the new design for a better experience on its YouTube channel.

This new look includes longer video titles and special thumbnails to give you clearer information about the video at a glance. As a part of this design, when browsing on the channel’s Home Page you will have direct access to the most popular playlists, such as Webinars and Education Talks.

Finding your next great video to watch has never been so easy! Remember to visit and subscribe to our channel, so that you don’t miss any of our future videos.

Next webinar - Using Massive Open Online Courses in schools

A professional development offer that doesn’t impact on the daily school timetable? Yes, it is possible!

Teachers who have implemented study groups alongside MOOCs at their schools have found that their remit can easily develop into broader-framed learning communities that go beyond the initial focus on a MOOC. These learning communities have the potential to bring together a variety of actors from across a school to participate in sustained, collaborative and school-specific professional development activities.

Join us for the next webinar to find out more about how to achieve this at your school. During the webinar, a variety of teachers will share their experiences of setting up and participating in such study groups and be available to answer questions about what they learned during the process and how to replicate what they achieved.

Save the date on your agenda: 14 December at 17:00 CET. Book your spot via this link.

If you missed any previous webinar, you can find all the recordings and presentations online.

Back to school. What are the latest survey’s results saying?

After the sudden school closures in spring, policy makers and schools have made plans to provide safe schooling.

Many questions remain about education while the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Our latest survey aimed to find out how the start of the school year went for teachers and others, and to gauge concerns and positive developments. Only one in two respondents reported that teachers are fully back in the classroom, while stress for both teachers and pupils is also reported. Many feel that pupils have learning gaps and that vulnerable pupils need more support.

However, some positive effects are reported, with pupils appreciating school more and developing new skills, and both teachers and students using digital tools more confidently.

The survey attracted 515 respondents. You can have also a look at the previous survey results on climate education and online and distance learning.


In our multicultural society, intercultural learning has become more necessary to be included in the curriculum. In practice, intercultural learning refers to the process of acquiring awareness, knowledge and attitudes and transforming them into skills and competences when interacting with different cultures. Schools are called to help students becoming more aware of the world around them, and better interacting with it to build a just, inclusive society.


Creativity is imagining possibilities, making new connections, creating something new. Increasingly valued as an essential capability for living, thriving and participating in society, creativity can be applied to every school subject. How? The use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is an effective way to help cultivate creative thinking skills. PBL challenges students to learn through engagement with real-world problems, actively involving them in meaningful activities.


The monolingual paradigm is increasingly being challenged, as societies become more linguistically and culturally diverse. Policymakers and teachers may find translanguaging an effective learning strategy for multilingual classrooms. It involves pupils using multiple languages in the classroom without the teacher needing any specialised linguistic knowledge. Allowing children to communicate in their home languages in school helps to strengthen their cognitive and social skills.

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