**CLIL Methodology for Teachers

CLIL Methodology for Teachers

2019 2-8 March - 23-29 Nov
2020 29 Feb-6 March - 21-27 Nov
2021 27 Feb-5 March /20-26 Nov

Contact us for Course Programme

Email us at: cervantestraining@outlook.com
Visit: http://www.cervantestraining.eu/
BooK: http://www.cervantestraining.eu/registration/
Other course dates upon request for a big group of teachers from same school
which have been awarded funds.If interested in other dates please contact us
You can download course programmes and can also find more information in our
website: http://www.cervantestraining.eu/
All our training can be funded by Key Action 1 of Erasmus +
Please Contact us at cervantestraining@outlook.com send me your email and I´ll give pack information.
Course fee for all our courses: 490 Euros (7-day training)
We also offer the possibility to attend for 5-day training courses from Monday to Friday (350 Euros)
Course fee includes: tuition, course materials, coffee/tea breaks, tour to Alcalá de Henares, administrative costs, certificates and Europass
We will be pleased to help in the elaboration of project proposal in Erasmus + KA1 individual staff mobility to attend our courses in Madrid. Spain 2019-20

Διοργανωτής σεμιναρίου
Alcala de Henares.Madrid, Ισπανία

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