Support for Children with Special Educational Needs

Teaching children with special educational needs (SEN) will present teachers with some unique and distinctive challenges. These students will demand more of teacher’s time and patience as well as they require specialised strategies in a structured environment to support and enhance their learning potential. Children with SEN need differentiated approach tailored to their distinctive learning abilities.

The training we offer aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills to address the needs of children better, using new strategy and putting new ideas into practice.

The training provides a detailed overview on the UK education system and support of children with special needs in UK school.
Participants will explore effective ways of working, learn from the experience of their UK colleagues and share ideas with other participants.

The participants will increase their knowledge how UK schools provide emotional support, use play therapy and other methods.
The training focuses on the development of teachers' professional competences.
The training will outline the problems and concerns faced by parents of young people with SEN and will focus on how schools can help to address these and work with students and families.

The participants will visit 3 local schools.
The training can be adjusted according to the needs of participants.

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