Intensive General Spanish for Teachers (All Levels, 1 Week)

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This course is suitable for teachers of any level of Spanish who are non-native speakers of Spanish and:
• intend to teach their subject(s) through the medium of Spanish or
• are planning to start teaching Spanish at primary or secondary level or
• want to develop their language skills to improve their ability to teach Spanish or
• need to develop their language skills in order to study relevant literature
and publications in Spanish or to communicate within international projects.
The intention is to equip those working with Spanish with general language and communication skills valid for use in educational, social and vocational contexts.
This course involves small group teaching, allowing concentrated, thorough study of Spanish, and develops all aspects of the language - listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course will develop the participants’ language skills to help increase their abilities to teach and communicate in Spanish efficiently and successfully. There is specific concentration on oral communication skills in reduced-size groups for 6 lessons per week.
Course Content and Strategies:
All our students are tested on the first day and then placed in international classes at the appropriate level. All areas of the Spanish language are covered at each level. Most of the course books used in our teaching are published by Malaca Instituto and created and up-dated by our teachers. There are a maximum of 10 students per class.
We have developed an eclectic teaching philosophy combining many aspects of the communicative approach with structured learning of grammar and syntax. Aspects of Spanish culture are introduced as appropriate.
Homework is set each day to practise and consolidate the day’s work and to enable all the students to progress as effectively as possible.
The Class Tutor is responsible for each class and for monitoring each student’s progress.
The price quoted is for a 1 week course without accommodation. Courses can be from 1-8 weeks duration and usually include accommodation provided by the school in the on-site residence (Club Hispanico) or in host families.
• Improving personal Spanish Language skills: fluency, accuracy, authenticity
• Improving confidence in using the language, developing communicative skills
• Improving language skills useful for teaching
• Through participating in language classes, gaining a better understanding of students’ needs and behaviour during classes
• Observing teaching techniques to improve students’ motivation
• Developing Cultural Consciousness
• Teamwork and Interpersonal Abilities
• Knowledge of Erasmus+ potential for professional development
Teachers from the same school travelling together for the same course dates are welcome.
Please contact us if your school has specific training needs and we'll design a programme for you.

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Malaca Instituto
Malaga, Ισπανία

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Παρακολούθησε 13.01.2020 - 17.01.2020

La escuela está situada en un barrio cerca de Málaga (10 min en autobús). Hay la posibilidad de alojarse en el mismo edificio de la escuela y también de comer allí. En este momento están renovando muchas habitaciones. En las clases generales (20 horas semanales) aprendaba mucho de la gramática espanola con explicaciones y escuemas buenos y pero me faltaba el uso del recien aprendido en la parte oral y la aplicación de la grámatica en las clases de conversación (4 horas). En las clases de metodología (5 horas) la profesora daba muchos ejemplos e ideas respecto a los temas de la expresión oral, los juegos y del trabajo con el vocabulario en clase. Para mi fue estupendo. Por la tarde la escuela ofrecía varias acciones ( de precio incluido) como p.e. una excursión a Málaga, clases de Flamenco, Aerobic y Salsa (5 horas). También había charlas de temas culturales (una o dos por semana). Los profesores son muy amables. Disfruto mucho mi estancía allí.

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Παρακολούθησε 03.06.2019 - 07.06.2019

We had another fabulous 5-day course that was tailor-made for a small group of teachers from our school. Maraca Instituto has excellent teachers and they modify the course according to our wishes before and during the course. We hope to come back for more!

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Malaca Instituto
Malaca Instituto
Rating: 5/53 χρήστες


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