Guiding cities

Guiding Cities joins policy makers and education stakeholders to map policy and guidance and create coherent policy to respond to the complex needs in the fight against ESL.

The project aimed to:
• Analyse guidance actions in 4 countries through country-based focus groups including stakeholders in education and guidance.
• Develop a Guiding Cities Model and Checklist mapping different possible actions, actors community needs relative to guidance and lifelong learning.
• Establish and manage Working Groups and a survey of best practices (involving at least 40 stakeholders).
• Publish online the GCities Model and links to resources and practices for each type of action and/or each target group. The GCities tools will be available in 6 languages (EN, ES, CAT, IT, EL, RO).
• Test the GCities Model and Checklist-benchmarking tools with at least 40 communities or organisations.
• Improve professional development of local service providers and school guidance practitioners.

Best practices report
Impact study
guiding cities
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