Tackling online bullying in school

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The expansion of everyday digital communication has exacerbated the negative impact of bullying, also among children and adolescents in the school context. But in a class where there is good guidance, bullying may occur less frequently. Watch this webinar to hear from our guest expert what this implies for educators.

25 February 2021 | Duration: 60 min

What was this webinar about?

The webinar gives an introduction to (cyber)bullying, presents anti-bullying measures, and showcases practical projects for the classroom.

Klicksafe is the German Awareness Centre in the CEF Telecom Program of the European Union. As Safer Internet Centre, klicksafe has been raising awareness and providing information on the topic of (cyber)bullying for years both with preventive measures for the classroom and promoting intervention methods as well.

Presentation and resources

Speaker panel

Stefanie Faechner portraitStefanie Fächner is a media education consultant at the Media Authority Rhineland-Palatinate, works for the German Safer Internet Centre klicksafe, and was also a member in the SELMA project against online hate speech. Previously, she was a Research and teaching Fellow at the University of Education in Schwäbisch Gmünd, as well as at Stuttgart Media University. Stefanie also has practical experience in media education work with children and young people through freelance work for the Landesmedienzentrum BW (LMZ). She holds a master’s degree in Media Education, Communication Studies and American Literature from the Universities of Augsburg and Pittsburgh.

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