Productive Learning – an inclusive approach to learning

Mathematics in a restaurant, history in a museum, biology in a beauty parlour: Productive Learning is learning on the basis of experiences gained in practice placements, chosen by young people themselves. Learning activities in real-life social situations are the starting point for the educational process and they are structured by an individual curriculum. Productive Learning teachers/educators work as counsellors supporting the students by initiating an autonomous and independent educational process.

Productive Learning combines general education with individual vocational orientation realiz-ing the following principles:
- Individualisation of curriculum: Students follow their individual interests how to partici-pate in social life.
- Integration of practical activities into learning: Students develop questions and themes on the basis of experiences at their practice placements.
- Culture / school subjects as tools: Students use contents of school subjects for preparing and reflecting their practical experiences.
The participants will get an introduction to the philosophy of Productive Learning, they will be provided with methods and practical "tools" for the work with students and they will get the opportunity to develop strategies for implementing Productive Learning in their schools.

The methods of the seminar will be:, theme-oriented interaction, case studies, group work, individual counselling, work shadowing Berlin schools realizing Productive Learning.


Day 1
- Welcome
- Getting to know each other
- Introduction into Productive Learning

Day 2
- School visits and reflection
- Methodology I: How to open up Productive Situations

Day 3
- Visit of practice placements
- Methodology II: How to develop Individual Curricula

Day 4
- Exploring learning opportunities in the city
- Methodology III: How to counsel educational processes

Day 5
- Methodology IV: How to evaluate educational processes
- Evaluation of the seminar

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