Digital media in cross-cultural projects: management and networking

Internationalizing your school: The internationalization of your school: Intercultural project management and the use of digital media

How do I internationalize my school? How can I use digital media sensibly and effectively in the context of intercultural project management?

In this seminar on the Portuguese Algarve coast, participants will deepen their knowledge of intercultural project management and expand their media skills. The aim is to network with other teachers on a European level, to plan joint media projects with learners and to try them out in a practical way so that future school partnerships can be initiated and carried out in a project-oriented way with the help of apps and browser-based tools.

Prerequisites are an interest in intercultural exchange, basic knowledge in the use of digital media, and a willingness to work in groups in a practice-oriented manner. Digital tools for communication, creative media production and international provision will be tested and applied in practice.

The seminar comprises 48 hours and consists of theoretical and practical units. In addition, there is a constant exchange of expertise. In addition to plenary sessions, discussions in small groups and joint workshops, individual working groups will develop and present their own media projects.

Individual consultations and an accompanying program to culturally significant places in the Algarve complement the seminar week.
At the end, a certificate will attest to participation.

The seminar will take place in a hotel in the district of Lagoa / Algarve in Portugal.
The course fees are 580€, the cost for the stay in a single room with full board is 896€.

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