Production and application of explanatory videos in education

Explainer videos are films in which it is explained how to do something or how something works, or in which abstract concepts and relationships are explained.
Beyond that, it is impossible to imagine asymmetric learning without explainer videos. The possibility of being able to access the subject matter to be learned at any place and at any time makes access to learning more equitable.
This seminar is aimed at teachers of all school types who want to enrich their lessons with their own enlivening explanatory videos. Especially when starting to use this new method, it is important to get to know the basics and to learn them easily. An explainer video is successful exactly when it conveys the desired content. The quality increases automatically with the number of productions.

In different systems (iOS, Windows, Android) both the preparation (learning the basics, writing a script, etc.) and the production and delivery of the finished video will be discussed and worked on in small groups.

The goal of this seminar is that teachers will not only have created their own explanatory video for the classroom, but will also have the general ability to produce their own videos quickly and purposefully. The seminar also focuses on how the knowledge gained can be passed on to colleagues.

The seminar comprises 48 hours and consists of theoretical and practical units. In addition, there is a constant exchange of expertise. In addition to plenary sessions, discussions in small groups and joint workshops, individual working groups will develop and present media projects. The course language is English, but the trainer and course provider also speak German.

Individual consultations and an accompanying program to culturally significant places in the Algarve complement the seminar week.

At the end, a certificate will attest to participation.

The seminar will take place at the 4-star Hotel AGUA RIVERSIDE LAGOA Quinta Do Parchal (Algarve) in Portugal (subject to change).

The course fees are 580€, the cost for the stay in a single room with full board is 896€. The total cost is usually fully subsidized by the EU.

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Your trainer: Marc Langebeck
Media consultant and teacher. He studied mathematics and economics/politics in Kiel.
In 15 years as a lecturer in private educational institutions (five years) and as a teacher in elementary, junior high and secondary schools (10 years), he has learned and come to love teaching practice in locations with special challenges. In the process, he has experienced the development of digitization first-hand in daily school life over the years.
Early on, he set out to share his largely self-taught knowledge with a broad audience as a speaker in adult education.
He has been a media consultant in Schleswig-Holstein for a good 2.5 years, designing and coordinating an advanced training program for teachers.
His great passion is the use of explainer videos in the classroom or as part of the Flipped Classroom method.

Lagoa/Algarve, Portugal

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