Despite the overwhelming consequences of the pandemic, this global crisis has also been an extraordinary time for learning. We are learning how adaptable and resilient educational systems, policy makers, teachers, students and families can be. Two crucial factors have shifted due to the pandemic. First, pedagogical adaptations have proven to be pivotal as the traditional lecturing in-person models do not translate to a remote learning environment. No matter the type of channel used (radio, TV, mobile, online platforms, etc.) teachers need to adapt their practices and be creative to keep students engaged as every household has become a classroom - more often than not - without an environment that supports learning.

ICT’s course is aimed for teachers and school staff from pre-school level to primary, secondary, vocational, adult and special needs education, staff of non-government organizations, government and policy makers and company staff

Competences to be acquired by the participant:
– ICT competences about applying technology in different educational settings in order to improve the motivation of the students
– developing tools about ways of applying technology in education for different age groups
– skilled usage of at least 5 digital enabled activities, techniques and tools (production of training materials, publishing, audio, video etc.) for their own teaching context in order to improve the motivation and involvement of their students
- improvement of practical skills related to the classroom management and application process of the new technologies
-raising awareness of key issues related to digital literacy in education
-improvement of digital skills by working with a range of interesting tools, software and programmes for teaching and learning
creating concrete teaching projects (multimedia contents, resources and blended lessons) to be applied in classroom
– increasing participants’ confidence in using website’s creator platforms
– transferring knowledge and methods between different cultural zones and different learner ages, by active adaptation;

Training modules: Culture and digital culture; Digital Tools, Audio and Video digital stories; Gamification and Team building; Blogs, Websites and Webquests; Networking and dissemination

1. Course opening event: Ask me- let’s get to know each other. - Brief presentation of the course, participants and its target. Explanation of the final project.
Facebook wall. Cultural challenges and team building in international context participants’ profile What is culture; Connection between cultures
Practical laboratory, with guidance and assistance to participants.

2. Digital tools: Google tools (Google drive, Google Earth);; WorldCloud; VOKI – creating an Avatar
Intercultural iceberg. Working in an international project – how to communicate and connect: Sharing activity
Practical laboratory, with guidance and assistance to participants.

3 Audio and video stories: Apps and tools for video and digital stories: Powtoon, Edpuzzle
Key competences for lifelong learners: Improving Competences for the 21st Century
Photo Voice and Digital treasure hunt
Practical laboratory, with guidance and assistance to participants.

4.5. Gamification and Team building: Creating Webquest-Project for classroom interaction; Classroomscreen app, Classcraft, Quizziz, Slido app; Tricider app;
Classroom open resources: Worldwall, Padlet, Edmodo
Video games for interdisciplinary subjects
Platform for interactive lessons: app
Practical laboratory, with guidance and assistance to participants.

6.7. Blogs, Websites and Webquests: How to create an website? Differences between blog and website. WIX website
How can we improve our teaching style - personal development plan.
Practical laboratory, with guidance and assistance to participants.

8. Course evaluation: Mentimeter app
Dissemination plan. Handing out certificates

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