Mentoring in Schools


Join us on this course to explore how mentors can support and develop the work of teachers in schools. The course aims to support mentors working with teachers by offering them strategies and tools for their work with teachers as well as examples of effective mentorship approaches leading to more effective, happier, and successful teachers. The course offers a framework for mentors of all experience levels to exchange ideas, experiences and resources.

The course is relevant to all kinds of mentors, coaches, or tutors working at school or university level. However, the focus is primarily on mentoring of colleagues within a school. Particular references are also made to the mentoring of beginning teachers, supporting them to find their place in the school and classroom.

As a course participant you will develop:
- An understanding of the role of a mentor
- An understanding of the needs and specificities of working with beginning teachers
- An understanding of the types of strategies and tools that are available to support mentors and how to effectively use theme
- Capacity to hold effective collaborative conversations with their mentees
- Capacity to effectively prepare, run and follow-up lesson observations

As part of the course, you will prepare a review and planning document designed to support your work with your mentee(s) after finishing the course.

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