We can host you in our best schools for Mobility of Students

veröffentlicht: 07.03.2022

Dear Colleagues,
As Anatolia Education, which is an Erasmus Course provider and job shadowing provider. https://anatolia-ec.com, we can host you in our best schools in Afyon, Antalya, İzmir and İstanbul.
What can we offer to you?
- Creating special programs based on your project needs with learning outcomes - intercultural dialogue,learning to learn,social competence,mathematical competence,communication and presentation skills,digital skills,social skills,
communication in foreign language
- Arranging hosting schools that your students can do the project activies with their peers
- Arranging all kind of documents such certificate of participation, Learning agreements, Europass etc
- Transfers (two way - from airport to airport)
- Accommodation
- Three meals a day
- Guided city and cultural tours
- Local transfers

At te same time , you can also do your job shadowing program together with student mobility program
Until now we have arranged more than 50 job shadowing and students mobility and hosted more than 200 teachers and administrative persons in our network schools in Turkey.
If you are interested, we will be very glad to work with you. For more detailed info you can write to anatoliajobshadowing@gmail.com
For fast communication: +90 5547011978

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Veröffentlicht von ROSA TAIANI

Hello!I am a high school English teacher and the Erasmus + Coordinator. Our school is a public inclusive school located in Naples, in Naples. Isis Archimede. We are interested in your project. We want to be partners in the project. I am an English teacher at Isis Archinmede Napoli- South Italy. We have gifted students. pls ctc me Rosa Taiani prof.rosa.taiani@isisarchimed.it

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