Extraordinary Erasmus+ calls to support digital education readiness and creative skills

veröffentlicht: 12.09.2020

I would like to join an Erasmus+ project in the field of digital education or creative skills.
We are a general secondary school from Bacau, Romania and our students are aged 14-19.
We have previous experience in Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. Moreover, the school is a partner in a KA229 Erasmus+ project in the current academic year.

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12.09.2020 » 29.10.2020

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Veröffentlicht von elzbieta mach

Hi, we are preparing a project for the Youth Programme (Erasmus+) for the Action KA205 exchange of good practices. It will be about the readiness of the youth workers/trainers for supporting young people in the time of the pandemic (during our non-formal teaching, out of school work, and in the out of lessons cooperation). The target group of the project is an adult person who works with a young person. We plan to organize small seminars (online or life - depends on the situation), training for adult, and good practices exchange - (for person worked with youngers) about our e-competences, social skills, and modern cooperative methods based on the inclusion, intercultural, diversity, etc. If you are interested in that kind of project, please let me know. unfortunately, the deadline is on the end of September... are you able to answer in a few days, please... The contact person is Elzbieta: elzbieta.mach@wp.pl

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Veröffentlicht von Ana-Maria Andrioaie

Dear Elzbieta, thank you for you for your reply. I am definitely interested in the proposal. I will send you an e-mail.

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Veröffentlicht von Ertan Çetinkaya

Hi, we have a strategic partnership project and seek schools to join for that. can you share your e-mail, thus i can send you further information

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