Looking for partners: FourFun – Innovative musical pathways for reinforcing creativity and skills competences in 1st Level Secondary Schools.

veröffentlicht: 08.09.2020

On behalf of Le Dimore del Quartetto - European network for the enhancement of young professional String Quartets (Milan, Italy) -, we are looking for 1st Level Secondary Schools interested in developing a Strategic Partnership for Creativity in School Education (Erasmus+ - Call 2020 – Corrigendum - deadline 29 October 2020).

The objectives of the project are: 1) to foster the creative potential of students and strengthen their attitude to think and act creatively; 2) to increase students’ knowledge of European history and its cultural expressions with a particular focus on music, thereby fostering their sense of citizenship and European identity; 3) to promote knowledge of classical music as a language expression of European history and, at the same time, as a universal language capable of being contaminated by other artistic expressions (cinema, video, digital); 4) to promote the use of music as a means of social inclusion among young people in the school context.

These specific objectives will be achieved through an innovative pathway that will link the Schools with Young String Quartets.

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Veröffentlicht von elzbieta mach

Hi we are a Polish association. Our members are mainly teachers who work in schools (primary, and secondary) in Kielce and Cracow, big cities in the south of Poland. We also cooperate with a lot of schools and teachers in our region. We are able to build a teacher-team and disseminate your idea in various schools (not only in one). We are interested to take part in the partnership. Our website: https://stowarzyszenieatenagroup.wordpress.com/ If you find our institution interesting write to Elżbieta - our contact person, please: elzbieta.mach@wp.

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Veröffentlicht von Simona Bartkienė

We are school (gymnasium, seconadry and primary, we have and pre-school too)in small town in Lithuania. We would like to be the partners of the project. We are interested to take part in the partnership with you. Our page https://ariogalosgimnazija.lt/ Contact plaese: simona.bartkiene@yahoo.com

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Veröffentlicht von MARTA MELINA

Dear Colleagues, thanks for your interest in the project! We will soon contact you for more details. Kind regards. Euro Project Lab

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Veröffentlicht von Ezgi Burumoğlu

Hello! I am Ezgi. We are a school from a big city named Samsun with an international airport in Turkey. Özel Sina Okulları is a special education and rehabilitation centre which aims to serve to students with mental and physical disabilities and their families. We have adopted a sense of love and respect in education since 2006. The age group we are working with is 3-18 at our school. And also people over 18 are rehabilitated here. We want to reach all disabled students from all around the world and share good practices. So, we would like to be the partner of this project.

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