Animam Viventem

Animam Viventem

Cascais, Cascais, PORTUGAL

Associação Animam Viventem, using the slogan Vida+Viva, is a nonprofit association based in the municipality of Cascais, formed in January 2012.

The Association aims to promote the well-being of people, intervening at a psychosocial and educational level.
Our approach is based on a global vision and a set of strategies and interventions that aim to develop the necessary skills for the psychological, social and educational well-being of the person.

We intend to promote balanced and sustainable social development, developing projects and actions of local interest, and projecting them into a European dimension.

We are part of “Cascais Social Network”, a structure that incorporates more than 100 local entities, public and private, with responsibilities within the local social development, promoting a partnership work and the qualification of social intervention in the community.

Our work is mainly developed through local partnerships and our main projects address topics such as cultural diversity, employability, entrepreneurship, sustainability and environment, empowerment, learning by doing, healthy lifestyles, sport, European citizenship and active participation in society, among others.

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